Junsu on Mozart: “It is a work that has a meaning beyond that of a mere musical.”

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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JYJ Kim Junsu: “Mozart Took Me In, Who Had Withdrawn from TVXQ”

Originally of TVXQ, JYJ’s Kim Junsu will stand on the stage of the musical “Mozart” this year also, continuing from last year. The musical “Mozart” which has come back will be held in the Kyungkido Sungnam Art center Opera House from the coming 24th to July 3rd.

When the attention was gathered at the background which led him to choose (to appear in) “Mozart” consecutively, Kim Junsu revealed his strong affections, stating: “It is a work that, to me, has a meaning beyond that of a (mere) musical.” This is at the press conference / set-revealing that took place in Seoul Yejangdong Namsan Creation Center Practice Room on the afternoon of the 11th.

As he seemed to recall the time when he withdrew from TVXQ, he opened by saying: “When it was decided in 2009 that I would appear in “Mozart,” it was a time that was difficult for me in many ways. At that very moment, the place that took me in to allow me to come out into the world again was ‘Mozart.’” He revealed his reasons further: “To me, it is a work that is more than a musical. I nagged the agency affiliate to decide to appear in “Mozart” again.”

In 2009 Kim Junsu withdrew from TVXQ to form JYJ with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong. During that process he was mired in legal disputes and experienced difficulties. When he had run up against barriers so that it was difficult to do entertainment activities, Kim Junsu and JYJ was allowed a route through which to breathe in Mozart, and also received positive effects for outside activities. Further, Kim Junsu won the Best New Male Actor Award for the 4th Musical Awards and the 16h Korea Musical Awards through Mozart and stood tall as the “New Star of the Musical World.” In many ways “Mozart” is a meaningful work for Kim Junsu.

Continuing, he boasted his camaraderie: “At the time, I had more disappointments on the stage rather than satisfaction. In order to fix the lacking areas to make perfect I wanted to stand as Mozart again. I also felt that I wanted to again breathe together with the amazing actors that I worked with back then. If the many actors did not back me up with the amazing songs, I could not also have done this.”

Kim Junsu, who acted with passion to the degree that he gained the nickname of “Xiah-zart” from the premiere in last January, again took the role of Mozart. “Xiah-zart” is a combination-word of “Xiah Junsu” and “Mozart” and signifies that “He competed a Mozart only belonging to Kim Junsu.”

Kim Junsu who answered with a smile to the honorable nickname reaffirmed his aspirations: “I will work hard so that I do not lack to the nickname of Xiah-zart. This time, I will be a XiahZart who has grown one step further.”

Director Yoo Heesung praised Kim Junsu highly with the expression of “Musical Prodigy.” He talked highly of Junsu’s potential as a musical actor: “This is his first challenge to be in a musical but the speed at which he learns is uncommon. He is full in his sensibilities of the musical and has a remarkable power of absorption.”

The musical “Mozart” attempts a re-interpretation of the life of the genius musician Mozart. It premiered in Vienna, Austria in 1999 and in the domestic scene it opened its curtains for the first time in last January. It consecutively sold out the 3000 seats in Seoul Sejongro Sejong Arts Arena and received the love of 100,000 fans.

This year the musical plans to go one step further from the life of “Mozart” to draw the discord with the father “Leopold” and the conflict with Archbishop Colloredo.

Source: KukiNews
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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