Junsu has risen as the musicals’ star

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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JYJ’s Kim Junsu has risen as the musicals’ star

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu has risen as musicals’ star.

Kim Junsu has been nominated for male actor in leading role in “the 5th The Musical Awards,” which will be held in Seoul Sejoeng Cultural Theatre on June 7th. He has stared in only two musicals, <Mozart> and <Tears of Heaven>. With just two musicals, Kim Junsu has lined his shoulders [T/N: expression “lining shoulders” means reaching the same level as…] with nominees such as Jo Seungwoo, Ryu Junghan, and Jung Sunghwa.

At [last year’s] 4th award ceremony, Kim Junsu received the “best rookie actor award” and rose as the new star in the musical field. He proved his star quality by being nominated for best male actor in a leading role in just a year. Kim Junsu stated, “I didn’t even know I was nominated. I was happy just [being chosen] as the honorary ambassador, and am surprised that I’m a nominee for best lead actor. What’s even more surprising and make me happy is that the other nominees are those that are considered best in the musical field.”

<The Musical Awards> is an awards ceremony which is held to help the continued progress of Korean musical industry. They divide [the ceremony] into 22 categories, including best creative (original) musical, best revival, best male and female lead actors, best male and female supporting actors, etc.

Source. Sports Korea
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