JaeJoong’s directing of “LG Rhythmic All Stars” is covered by both Korean and Japanese press

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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“JYJ” Jaejoong, Director on the Big Stage of Rhythmic Gymnastics

It has been shown that the popular Korean group JYJ’s Hero Jaejoong will handle the stage directing of the performance in which the “princess of the rhythmic gymnastics” Sohn Yeonjae participates.

According to Prain that handles JYJ’s promotions, Jaejoong will direct the “LG Rhythmic All Stars 2011” that will be held on the coming June 11th and 12th in Koryo University and will handle everything from the selection and the arrangement of music, stage effects, choreography, costumes, to styling.

In this event, along with Sohn Yeonjae the world champions of the rhythmic gymnastics field will attend.

Jaejoong who is participating as director this time has displayed his skills as a stage director by taking on the role of the executive director of the “JYJ World Tour 2011” and such, and is becoming recognized in his abilities.

Furthermore, in this event, the male singer Tei’s congratulatory concert is also planned to be held.

Korea’s SBS Morning News Coverage:


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong has come to participate in the directing of the first gala show of Sohn Yeonjae—the rising star of the rhythmic gymnastics world. Jaejoong says that he felt attracted to the gala show because it can try many different genres of dynamicism. He himself will participate in not only the selection and the arrangement of music but also stage effects and choreography. Jaejoong has already been in the role of the executive director of JYJ’s Asia Tour and has been recognized in his directorial abilities. This time, so that Sohn Yeonjae may show a splendid performance among the (top) athletes of the international realm, he is preparing a watertight composition.

Korean print press also covered this, including Focus and Metro:

[TRANS of the Metro]

For “Sohn Yeonjae Gala Show” Kim Jaejoong is Fully Directing

Continuing from being the director of the stages of JYJ’s Asia Tour, he displays his abilities on the 11-12th of next month

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is consecutively showing off his hidden and real value as a stage director.

The “LG-Whisen Rhythmic All Stars 2011” will be held on the 11th and 12th of next month in Koryo University’s Hwajung Gymnasium. He has taken up fully directing the gala show in which the “fairy of the rhythmic gymnastics world” Sohn Yeonjae will appear and will spearhead everything one by one from the selection and the arrangement of the music, stage effects, choreography, and to the costumes styling.

For the Asia Tour of the currently-ongoing “JYJ World Tour,” Jaejoong also stepped up as the executive director and created an amazing stage. Through this stage, he is determined to display to his heart’s content the skills that he has honed until now.

Kim Jaejoong said: “The stage director is a job that has yet a different appeal from that of a singer in the sense that he must take care of everything, in and out.” He requested: “I will do my best to make Miss Sohn Yeonjae look as dynamic and as beautiful as possible by building on the meeting of many different genres. Please also watch carefully the organized composition.”

Musical Music/Choreagraphy Directors Join In

The people of influence in the field of musicals will also join forces. The music director of “Tears of Heaven” Han Jungrim and the choreography director of “Cats” and “Phantom of the Opera” Kno Jiyeoon will participate to take care of the opening and the finale.

Furthermore, the nobleman of ballad Tei, who is boasting a unique side by taking the final win on “Opera Star” from the cable channel TvN, is appearing as the guest of the special stage and will unfold a duet performance with internationally-renowend rhythmic gymnastics star(s).

The sponsor IBS Sports revealed: “For the expansion of base and the progress of rhythmic gymnastics, we invited the experts from a variety of fields including Kim Jaejoong.”

Source: Asahi; Daum Telzone JYJ Gallery, 아쿠아 님; DC TVXQ Gallery 지엥 님; DBxTOHO9
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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