Junsu selected as Honorary Ambassador for “The Musical Awards”

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Kim Junsu and Cho Jungeun Selected as Honorary Ambassadors for the 5th Ceremony of “The Musical Awards”

To serve as honorary ambassadors of “The Musical Awards,” which is going to be held on the coming June 7th and co-sponsored by the Korean Association of Musicals, Joongang Ilbo and jTBC, Musical actors Kim Junsu and Cho Jungeun were selected.

Kim Junsu received the Best New Male Actor Award in the last year’s “The Musical Awards” and rose as a rising star in musicals. Cho Jungeun is showing a more mature and deeper acting after studying abroad in England and is receiving the attention of the fans all by herself.

Kim Junsu, who had received the Best New Male Actor Award in the last year’s “The Musical Awards” through his first musical work “Mozart!,” met with the audience through the most talked-about musical of the first half of 2011, “Tears of Heaven,” in which the best staff of Broadway and the top actors of inside and outside of Korea participated. Kim Junsu set the record of selling out every seat and showed the best of ticket-powers and is showing a firm determination that he will continue to stand on musical stages.

(Parts unrelated to Junsu omitted)

On the other hand, “The Musical Awards” has grown with the musical market of Korea since being held for the first time in 2007. This year is its fifth and it is taking its place as a festival of the concert affiliates and the audiences who have protected the field of musicals. The introduction of the honorary ambassadors, the announcement of the works moving on to the main selection process and the schedule for activities after the awards ceremony are planned to be revealed through the official press conference on May 12.

Source: OTR
Translation credits: JYJ3


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