110408 JYJ’s interview for Kureasuta Magazine Special interview of JYJ

Q: You guys must have gone through a lot of emotional traumas, when do you feel was the hardest to get by?

JJ: The times after we filed the lawsuit was the hardest actually. At that time, we thought about it a lot: what is going to happen, what should we do. There were a lot of problems to be solved: law issues, capital issues, it was really complicated. Now I feel much more peaceful already, and we already have a new management company.

Q: If you were not very determined, you wouldn’t have taken actions to leave the previous management company.

JS: We were already prepared that we will not be able to sing anymore once we left SM, but really, a lot of miracles happened. Of course, we all worked hard too. I feel that we were not abandoned, and that feeling gave me a lot of hope.

Q: You used the word ‘miracles’. Does it have any special meaning during that period of time?

JS: I think that to have people giving us unconditional support and love , this is already a miracle. The musical ‘Mozart’ was very popular, tickets were sold out quickly. Jaejoong’s acting in the japanese drama was also very popular, and Yoochun recieved lots of praises for his acting in Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal. These are all miracles, we really recieved a lot of love.

Q: Yoochun is the last member to start his solo activities, did you feel stressed because the other two members have already received a lot of attention?

YC: Yes, just before Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal was broadcasted, Jaejoong’s japanese drama caused a commotion and Junsu’s musical recieved a lot of attention. Because I’m the last one out of the three of us, truthfully, it was really stressful. Fortunately, the response was great, I am very happy. (The other members were surprised when Yoochun said ‘fortunately’. At first when the management company problem was mentioned the mood was dull, but went up at this moment. We started laughing)

JJ: When Yoochun looked at his own performance he was very satisfied about it. (laughs)

JS: Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal’s Lee Seon Jun was really cool, I kept thinking “that isn’t the Yoochun I knew!” (laughs)

Q: Now you guys have ended your individual activities and started on JYJ’s group activities. Please tell us your thoughts (on the start of JYJ’s group activities).

JS: I am very thankful for the fact that we are able to release this album. It also became a very meaningful album because of the participation of many world renowned musicians in the production. I was very surprised that Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins were able to participate in this. Also because all the members joined in the production right from the start hence we felt a strong sense of belonging.

Q: ‘The Beginning’ was awarded good results of being number 5 in the billboard’s readers choice of ‘Top 10 best album of the year’.

JS: I feel that this is the result of having the chance to work with outstanding producers. This is also like a miracle. Of course, we gave our best because there were such famous producers working with us. (laughs)

Q: You guys recieved an unexpected overwhelming response during the showcase held at America and Asia. What are your thoughts on it?

JS: I am really thankful to be able to stand on stage once again as a singer. I am very grateful even towards all the small things. At America 7000 fans came to watch our showcase, I was very touched and happy. It is really unbelievable that it is possible for so many people to come to our showcase in America.

Q: A lot of things must have happened before you guys could return on stage as singers.

JJ: Yes, a tree that originally can be fallen in 10 times, may not be possible even with 100 or 200 tries now, it’s this kind of feeling.

Q: There are still a lot of problems to be solved, please tell us in the future, how are you guys going to face these problems?

JJ: There are still some small issues left. Of course for the sake of us being able to mature as singers there are still a lot of problems we have to solve. We hope that it is possible for us to perform on TV as soon as possible even though it is very difficult to. There are also many small hidden problems but we feel that we should depend on our own strengths to settle them. Truthfully, there are times I feel hopeless. It is those things that seem insignificant that actually are difficult for us. But it is fortunate that we still have the chance to solve these problems. Our goal is to give our very best.

Q: From your point of view, did this incident become a priceless life experience for you?

JS: Even though sometimes I feel dejected, because although we are Korean singers but we are unable to conduct activities in Korea, but I also learned a lot. The situation now is that we must solve one problem before we can go on to settling another one. There are also times I feel really tired but every time we have our fan’s love and support. I now know that every situation has its way out of it. Now I hope to reach out to our fans by using various means, and we are also determined to give our best performance to every chance that is given to us.

Q: What are your greatest goals or wish?

YC: The freedom to participate in activities! In the past when we were able to stand on stage this problem has never occurred to us, but it is different now. The situation now makes us feel troubled, but on the other hand people are supporting us even more. Up till now we all are really working hard, and working hard like that really makes us stronger. In the future we will also do our best, and nothing can bring us down.

Kureasuta is a magazine on pop music in Asia, and there is a 20 page section on JYJ in the 3rd issue of the magazine in 2011, of which the above is the interview with them.

Source: Hey!JJ
Translation: silvermavis @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact.Thanks!


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