The last stop of JYJ World Tour, curiosity about the Pusan concert venue increases

Posted: May 8, 2011 in JYJ
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The last stop of JYJ World Tour, Curiosity About the Pusan Concert Venue Increases

Group JYJ’s “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” proceeded with success, kicking off in Bangkok, Thailand on the 2nd and the 3rd of last month and (being held) in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 23rd. Crossing Beijing, China of the Asian regions on May 7th, there are plans to have performances in the Americas such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco of the US and Vancouver of Canada.  The last stop of this tour will be Pusan of Korea and will be proceeded with on 2 days of the 11th and the 12thof June.

Because until now in Korea concerts had been only held in Seoul, when the location was revealed to be Pusan for the first time the fans could not hide their shock and confusion. However, as time passes, the tides seem to be turning positively, with fans putting out suggestions/opinions such as “let’s take this opportunity to tour/travel Pusan,” and “it is so nice that thanks to JYJ I get to sightsee Pusan.”

However, because the precise location has not been revealed until now, there is increasing worry at the ticketing which predicts/announces to have enormous competition. In particular, because it became known that in Japan there are some package sales of JYJ’s Pusan concert tickets already, the voice of dissatisfaction and the worry of the domestic fans is growing.

Furthermore, because it is predicted that the competition for the transportation heading to Pusan and the reservation of lodging is going to be intense, the inquiries on the precise location of the concert are pouring down. In fact, the hotels in the vicinity of Bexco and Asiad Field, which are predicted to be the location of the concert, are already booked to the brims. Speaking of Bexco and Asiad, because the crowd capacity can, if generous, differ by 4-5 times, the fans are reacting very sensitively to the controversy of the location. In particular, to the concert of JYJ who enjoys great popularity abroad, it is predicted that numerous international fans will enter Korea in order to attend, and so the inquiring phone calls to C-JeS by fans who are concerned about obtaining a ticket are unceasing.

In the case of C-JeS Entertainment who has already surprised the fans many times with the “guerrilla-type” announcements, because in the previous Worldwide Concert that was held in the Jamshil Field it had only put up the announcement the day before the date of ticketing, sneers/mocking voices that says that perhaps C-JeS would do so again is also flowing. Fans of JYJ are ardently hoping that C-JeS will wash away these questions with a precise announcement as soon as possible.

Source: Top Star News
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. Jeannie says:

    Sajik Stadium which is located near Dongnae. It is a baseball stadium and that is where the concerts will be held on the 11th and 12th… Your post is making me more worried. I want a ticket so badly but as you said there is so much competition to get these tickets. I’m so nervous and scared that I will not get a ticket. But I have friends looking out for me so we’ll see. Of course the year I move to Korea for them they go to Canada for me. I would have been able to see their concert in Canada without any worry but being here in Busan worries me so much. I tried to see them in Seoul last yr but the venue sold out WITHIN MINUTES! I’m so worried.

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