Jeju Island gets a “phone call from Seoul” that says JYJ will be ineffective for Natural Wonders Vote

Posted: May 5, 2011 in JYJ
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Jeju Island Gets a “Phone Call from Seoul” That Says JYJ Will be Ineffective for Natural Wonders Vote

There was a meeting of the local government of Jeju Island just now so I went and came back.

After taking great pains in order to get our kids (JYJ) selected as Jeju’s Honorable Ambassadords (for 7 Natural Wonders), finally they were chosen last month and today the promotional materials went out. As for the appointment ceremony, it seems that we’ll do it about June while being in watch for Yoochun’s drama filming.

The leader in charge of the Natural 7 Wonders work told me–

Today a phone call came from Seoul, saying that to choose JYJ as the honorary ambassadors will not help very much (in promotions).

At that moment I was so angry that I told him that it was probably someone from SM who called…

Perhaps they are getting envious because there keeps being good publicity for our kids (JYJ).

From now on too I plan to make opportunities for our kids while doing promotions for the region of Jeju.

Our Sangyu’s too (T/N a word used in Sungkyungkwan Scandal that means “scholar”), please keep supporting.

KBS Sunkgyunkwan Scandal Homepage
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. Purplicious says:

    So freaking tired of all this childish nonsense. When are they gonna leave them alone. This has really gone on for too long! Isn’t the courts doing anything to put those responsible in their place and uphold justice and all that.

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