Oh Jaeyoung on his friendship with JYJ’s JaeJoong

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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Oh Jaeyoung Interviews On His Friendship with Childhood Friend Jaejoong

The Friendship of Hero Jaejoong and Nexen Oh Jaeyoung

It was the Nexen-LG game in Jamshil on the 1st. On the broadcast screen is Hero Jaejoong. It turns out that he has come to see Nexen’s Oh Jaeyoung pitch. The story is like this: During his elementary school days, Oh Jaeyoung changed schools from one in Seoul to Joongdong Elementary School in Gongju, Choongchungnamdos (T/N: Gongju, Choongchungnamdo is Jaejoong’s hometown).

Those who have switched schools know—just how awkward it is at first. The very first friend Oh Jaeyoung made was Kim Jaejoong. This friend comes to be called Hero Jaejoong in the future. However their friendship was not able to last for long. Oh Jaeyoung again had changed schools to one in Seoul.

Like that, their communication had ended, but in 2004 when 10 or so years had passed, the two reunited–  because Oh Jaeyoung gallantly took the “Rookie of the Year” award in 2004, and Kim Jaejoong began his activities as TVXQ. It’s that the communications were able to resume again as both received the attention (from the world) as the new stars of Sports and Entertainment.

Oh Jaeyoung laughs, saying: “If I want to catch up to Jaejoong, I have long ways to go.” Who cares if that is so (or not)—because there is no friend better than a childhood friend. Oh yes, the Joongdong Elementary School which brought them together is also the alma mater of Park Chanho (T/N: a well-known Korean baseball player).

Source: Sports DongaDongha
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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