Statement by JYJ’s Legal Representative on Avex

Posted: April 30, 2011 in JYJ
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Statement by JYJ’s Attorney, Im Sanghyuk, on Avex

Attorney Im Sanghyuk, the Legal Representative of the 3 Members

The legal representative of the 3 members, attorney Im Sanghyuk (Lawfirm Sejong) revealed in an interview with this reporter on the 17th that: “Avex demanded multiple times for changes to the contract that the members could not easily accommodate, such as the ratio of profit distributions and more.”

Attorney Im Sanghyuk disclosed: “In particular, even though it was agreed that with regards to the activities of the members all points would be proceeded with upon obtaining consent of both parties through reaching an agreement, among the demands that Avex made were the power to determine the schedule unilaterally, and such other contents which could not be easily accepted on common-sense grounds.”

Attorney Im explained the theory that Avex has put up as the excuse for suspending JYJ’s activities, that the director C-JeS was connected with a gang: “The person in question, Director Paek himself, has gone so far as to notify Avex that if such was really the problem he himself would get out of the contractual relationship, but Avex did not accept this. In the end, we came to the conclusion that to proceed [with the relationship] in a normal manner would be difficult.”

In fact, the members of TVXQ have revealed in a previously-announced press statement that said: “Many months ago, Avex has cited the above reason to demand a contract that excludes C-JeS, and the 3 TVXQ members accepted this in order to do activities in Japan smoothly and diligently participated in the discussions of renewing the contract.”

Attorney Im said: “If one examines the series of events, there are many circumstances (asserted) by Avex that can only be accepted only when forcibly [stretching one’s logic/imagination]. If Avex refutes this, our side will make public additional contents.”

Attorney Im added: “The essence of this dispute is that contrary to the content of the existing contract, the management company has presented conditions that are unilaterally disadvantageous to the affiliate entertainers and so havesuspended their activities without regard to the intent of the members. Despite this, it is saddening because it seems that the focus is becoming dimmed due to the attention of the public flowing to the director of C-JeS who has no relation to a gang.”

Attorney Im criticized that “it is an immoral deed to tie the feet of TVXQ because Avex cannot fulfill its avarice,” and repeatedly emphasized: “I will put much effort to resolve this without fail so that the 3 members can engage in activities in Japan smoothly.”

Source: Ohmynews
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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