Junsu’s soccer skills, popularity and benevolence “All-Round Charm”

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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110425 JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Soccer Skills, Popularity and Benevolence “All-Round Charm”

“Is he an artist, or a soccer player?”

As the captain of FC MEN, playing under the professional football team Suwon Samsung, popular group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu performed actively, and scored a hattrick in a friendly match, displaying shocking soccer skills. In the match held in the Suwon World Cup Stadium against Incheon Design High School Girls’ Team, at 5pm of 24 April, Kim Junsu wore the FC MEN captain’s armband and led his team into the match. He played as the left winger for the full 60 minutes (each half being 30 mins) and emerged victorious with a score of 5:0. Scoring in the 24th minute of the first half, then the 5th and 23rd minute of the second half, he performed a hattrick and brought the crowds to a high.

FC MEN is a team centered around Kim Junsu, and is made of artists that like soccer. It includes Kim Hyunjoong (SS501),  Im Seulong (2am) Lee Kikwang (Beast) Yoon Doojoon (Beast) and other idols.

The actual competition of the day was between Suwon and Gyeongnam FC, but it seemed to be a test of popularity for FC MEN, which is made up of various idols. Before the doors of Suwon World Cup Stadium had opened at 4pm, there was already a long line of some 1500 fan girls waiting.

Captain and member Kim Junsu displayed a unique passion for this match. Although he had been scheduled to leave Taiwan at 1.30pm the day after their concert, he decided to take an earlier flight back, without confirmation of whether he would be able to participate in the match. He arrived in Korea at approximately 11.30am, went straight to the stadium and changed into his jersey. Attacking midfielder Yoon Doojoon also showed great enthusiasm, cancelling a pre-scheduled appointment to participate with the team.

As expected, Kim Junsu was extremely popular. Every time he got the ball, made a shot, or scored a goal, the female fans’ screams would reverberate around the stadium. And his soccer skills are truly strong, with his speed, dribbling and shooting all up to professional standards. When he scored a hattrick, all the fans in the stadium shouted in unison, “Kim Junsu, Thank you.”

After winning the match, the FC Men members crowded in front of the fans and cheered three times, to share their joy. In the post-match interview, Kim Junsu said that “This is the first time I’m playing in an actual match,” abd “To be able to perform in a competition I enjoy in front of so many people, I feel really blessed.”

In the charity auction that was held before the Suwon-Gyeongnam match, Kim Junsu’s jersey was won by a female high school student fan, Park Hyun Jung for 2.33 million won. Kim Junsu plans to donate all the proceeds from the charity auction to the Gyeonggi Welfare Center, in aid of those in need.

(T/N: The original title for this article makes a pun on Junsu’s name, which means “handsome” but it really doesnt make much sense in English so it was changed.) 

Source : [Yahoo Taiwan + joinsMSN]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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