Junsu shows his love for soccer; plays a game the day after the Taiwan concert

Posted: April 26, 2011 in k-pop love, Xiah Junsu
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JYJ Kim Junsu’s love for soccer gathers attention. Participates in a game the day after the concert

“We just hope he won’t get hurt!” Junsu’s unstoppable love for soccer has become a hot topic.

Kim Junsu, who is part of Suwon Blue Wings FC MEN, lead his team to victory with a hat trick and a final score of 5-0 on a game against Inchun Design High School women’s soccer team held on the 24th at Suwon World Cup Stadium. Junsu tasted twice the happiness by being picked as the day’s MVP due to his distinguished role.

FC MEN is composed of singers, actors, comedians, and models who love soccer and Kim Junsu serves as its captain.

Furthermore, the process Kim Junsu went through to participate in this game is remarkable. The day before the game, the 23rd, Kim Junsu stood on the stage for “2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011” held at Taiwan Taipei Dome.

Kim Junsu who displayed passionate dance and singing throughout the entire 120 minute performance rode the plane alone, leaving early before the other members, and arrived in Inchun Airport. After arriving, Junsu directly left for Suwon World Cup stadium without having any rest and having time to only pack his uniform. [However], as soon as the game started, went across the field and displayed his best ability.

The agency marvels at Junsu’s unstoppable love for soccer. C-JeS Entertainment’s representative Park Chang Ju revealed, “Kim Junsu’s enjoyment of soccer is a completely private affair. I want to actively support [his soccer playing] within the scope that it doesn’t interfere with his activities [as a singer]. Of course, in the agency’s point of view, we can only be anxious that he might get hurt during a game. We just hope that he won’t get injured.”

credits: Nate News
translation credits: withjyj


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