JYJ World Tour Concert in Taiwan generates large response from fans & media

Posted: April 25, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ Taiwan Concert Generates Large Response From Taiwan’s Fans and Media

JYJ, Makes Cry 10,000 of Taiwanese Fans! Finishes World Tour in Great Success

With the World Tour Concert of JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu), the whole of Taiwan moved.

JYJ continued their successful Asia Tour by holding the “JYJ World Tour concert in 2011” in Taiwan’s Taipei Dome on the 23rd, the past Saturday, and presenting a stage with a high degree of completion. The Taiwanese fans who numbered over 10,000 and who filled the stadium sang along the new songs that JYJ unveiled for their World Tour and showed their unchanging love towards JYJ.

This performance which was adorned with JYJ-only music sang passionately the songs contained in their World Wide Album such as Empty, Be My Girl, Be the One, and also songs contained in their JYJ Music Essay “Their Rooms” which recorded as a best seller in the first half of the year such as Mission, Fallen Leaves, and I.D.S. Also in showing off the stages of more than twenty songs such as In Heaven and Get Out which were worked on recently for the world tour, JYJ once again paraded [the fact] that they are the performance-type artists with the most perfect singing ability among the Korean Wave stars.

Kim Jaejoong continued his “Interactive-type Concert” which breathes with the audience by showing off the cross-shaped stage in Taiwan after doing so in Thailand which was the kick-off country of the World Tour, and did not forget his sensitive regard for the fans in things such as the relayed subtitles and (spoken) comments. In particular, during the encore song “In Heaven” in which the three members’ singing ability and harmony reached their climax, the audience chanted “JYJ Beginning Again” and relayed their hearts of thanks for the passionate performance of the rapturous 120 minutes.

The Taiwanese broadcast TVBS and ETTV and such major news channels and newspapers extensively covered the play by play of the JYJ Concert. Taiwan media concentrated its attention on the fact that member Kim Jaejoong had himself directed JYJ’s Asia World Tour Concert, and showed great interest in the directing concept of this concert, “Creative Challenge.” Further, Taiwan’s popular star (Kris) John Shen has become a topic of conversation by posting on his twitter the excitement for JYJ’s Taiwan concert and impressions upon watching the concert and revealing that JYJ is his role model in the usual.

JYJ who finished the Taiwan Concert relayed their thoughts: “It was a happy two hours in which we were together with the fans of Taiwan whom we only met after a long time. We were moved by the Taiwanese fans who sang together (with us) even the new songs, and we feel good because it feels that through this concert in Taiwan the JYJ World Tour Concert’s degree of completion has heightened further. We are in anticipation of the performances to come in the future. Director Paek Changju of C-JeS Entertainment that is in charge of JYJ’s management revealed that: “I was surprised by the explosive interest from the Taiwanese affiliates and the local people. I want to send a (round of) applause tothe infinite talents that JYJ possesses as artists and their ceaseless effort.

On the other hand, JYJ’s Concert in the Americas begins with the performance on Vancouver, Canada, on May 20. And it is planned that they will continue the JYJ fever in the Americas onto New Jersey on My 22, Los Angeles on May 27, and San Jose on June 3 as the finish. After that JYJ will return to Korea to complete the big run of the World Tour Concert of around 3 months.

Source: Chosun and Dispatch
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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