JYJ successfully completes “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011″ in Taiwan

Posted: April 25, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ successfully completes “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011″ in Taiwan

On April 23rd, JYJ successfully completed their “JYJ World Tour Concert 2011” at the Taipei Dome in Taiwan.

The trio worked a crowd of 10,000 fans for 120 minutes, delivering passionate performances of “Empty”, “Be My Girl”, “Be the One”, “Mission”, “Fallen Leaves”, “IDS”, and their two new tracks, “In Heaven”and “Get Out”.

Member Jaejoong continued the use of the cross-shaped stage set up, which was previously used for their Thailand tour, and made sure to interact with his fans as closely as possible by providing subtitles.

At the height of their encore track, “In Heaven”, the crowd shouted out, “JYJ, start again“, and thanked the boys for another successful concert.

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Taiwan’s TVBS, ETTV, and other major media outlets extensively covered JYJ’s concert, paying special attention to the fact that Jaejoong directed the tour.  They showed much interest in the tour’s theme of ‘Creative Challenge’, and stars such as John Shen expressed their excitement over attending the concert.

JYJ commented, “It was a joyous two hours that we spent with our Taiwanese fans.  We were all very moved when they sang along with even our new songs, and it feels great knowing that the level of perfection has been raised through this concert.  We’re looking forward to many more.”

CEO Baek Chang Ju of CJES Entertainment stated, “We were surprised with the explosive interest shown by Taiwanese representatives.  I would like to send my applause to the infinite artist potential that the trio of JYJ holds.”

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


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