Taiwan Newspaper Reports on JYJ– JJ Expands Stage; Soul-mates Taste Soy milk;

The Korean idol group JYJ has held their concert for the first time in 小巨蛋 Dome. The hard-core fans formed a “red ocean” by holding the red light sticks in their hands. Their appeal was extremely shocking—after the news of the Taiwan concert was relayed on April Fools’ Day, the tickets were on sale for only 15 days, but about 90% of them sold, and therefore the concert, which was formed of 19 songs, easily pulled in 20,000,000 Taiwan Dollars (approximately 700,000 USD). JYJ, following the culture of the place, said “hello” and asked the well-being of the fans by saying “your parents are all well, right?” in excellent Chinese and were enthusiastically received.

Jaejoong Directed the Stage

JYJ, after the lawsuit with the former agency SM Entertainment, has held the “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011” and is touring. In the showcase that was held in Taiwan at the end of last year, JYJ had said that soon they would hold a performance in Japan. They kept this promise in 6 months and pulled out the acclamation of about 10,000 fans. Kim Jaejoong took charge of directing and decided on the theme of the concert to be “Creative Challenge,” and in transporting by air the lift stage and 7 LED’s almost 10,000,000 Taiwan Dollars (approximately 350,000 USD) was used. Director Kim came early to Taiwan and participated in the production meeting of the concert in the rehearsal on the 19th, and instructed that the T-shaped stage be made bigger. By expanding the stage from a small T to a big T, Jaejoong displayed his sensitivity in showing to the fans more dance movements and heightening the interaction between JYJ and the fans.

Yoochun tastes soy milk.

JYJ showed off excellent songs and passionate dance in beginning the concert with “Empty.” Yoochun said hello by saying “we are sorry to have come (to Taiwan) so late, and Jaejoong said “Has everyone been well? We really missed you very much. We will do our best to show you the best performance.” The concert wrapped up after two encores. JYJ had no time to go sightseeing after arriving in Taiwan, but Jaejoong and Yoochun went to a restaurant in the area in the middle of the night after the rehearsal of the previous day and bought soy milk and took a picture and posted on the internet.

Source: Taiwan Yahoo
Translation into Korean Credit: DC TVXQ Gallery, 코고는 님
Translation into English Credit: JYJ3


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