Junsu: “I’ve only done two productions.. the flattery makes me feel embarrassed”

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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110418 From Idol To Musical Star, JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “I’ve Only Done Two Productions.. The Flattery Makes Me Feel Embarrassed”

“I think he’s already a musical star.”

That was the answer of Jin Jung Hoon, a professor at the ChungKang College of Cultural Industries, in a survey about idols who have entered the musical industry (‘musicaldols’) when asked to rate Kim Junsu(24)’s growth potential. In the survey given to 11 musical producers and critics, Kim Junsu received an overwhelming amount of votes in all four aspects: vocal talent, acting, ticket power and growth potential. People already see him as a ‘Bigshot in the Musical Industry’ but he himself didn’t look like he agreed with the world’s evaluation of him.

He, whom we met in a cafe in Cheongdam-dong, stated, “I’ve only done two productions so far. As I’m still a rookie in the musical industry, I’m always learning from others. I’ll work harder to live up to the good reviews that I’ve been receiving.

He tried out musicals for the first time last January with ‘Mozart!’ and continued on to perform as Jun, a Korean soldier who was sent to the Vietnam War, in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ this February and March. After the end of ‘Tears of Heaven’ on March 19th, he delved straight into preparing for his overseas concerts, and when we met him, he was taking a break after successfully completing the Thailand-leg of the group’s tour on the 2nd and 3rd of this month.

When I performed in ‘Tears of Heaven’, I think I cried every day. I especially can’t describe in words the bittersweet emotion that came over me on the last night. But I dove straight into preparing for our concert without having time for closure. I’ve been immersed in musicals these days since I’m not touring right now.”

He has been watching musicals during his free time and listening to nothing but songs from musicals in general. He recently watched ‘AIDA’ and ‘GwangHwaMun Sonata’ and is also planning to watch ‘The Spider Woman’s Kiss’. After feeling shivers up his spine from watching Ryu Jung Hwan and Jung Seon Hwa perform, he converses about musicals with anyone and everyone. He laughed and said, “I’m pretty sure people could call me a ‘MuDeok’(a hardcore fan of musicals).”

His sincere attitude towards musicals broke all stereotypes that currently surround ‘musicaldols’. But it is true that some idols don’t put their all into rehearsals or only appear once or twice because they think of themselves as ‘stars’.

“Though I began as an idol, I love musicals so much now. I’m really ‘addicted’. I tried really hard because my pride wouldn’t let me slack off while rehearsing or singing.

He was sometimes criticized for his deliverance of lyrics because he was used to the techniques used for singing pop songs.

Kim Junsu said, “I worried a lot about my singing style during ‘Mozart!’ because I felt the pressure of having to sing like an opera singer. But the production team told me, ‘Just be Kim Junsu’ and I began to change my character to suit me, but just enough so that the audience wouldn’t sense anything different. I wanted to put my own color and spin on the musical.”

His star quality shows in his ticket power. Last January, he sold out all fifteen of his ‘Mozart!’ performances in three hours and scalper tickets were even seen selling at 3 million Won in the market. All seventeen (26,000 sets) of his ‘Tears of Heaven’ performances were sold out as well. It must be because of this star quality that Kim Junsu’s pay is high though he’s a ‘musical rookie’. He was swept up in controversy when it was found that he was receiving 35 million Won for each ‘Mozart!’ performance.

He said, “When a celebrity receives 700 million Won and films a CF, it becomes publicized and bragged about, but when a musical actor receives a high paycheck, they get criticized,” and “I think it’s because the musical market is that small. I hope the audience numbers increase, so that the musical production companies earn more money and the market grows, so that the musical actors can earn more money in a better environment.”

“People in the ensemble(supporting roles that dance and sing together) especially use a lot of energy and sweat to perfect their role. If the production team triple-casts the main role, the ensemble have to work three times as hard to work well with each person. I hope that, in the future, they will receive the pay that they deserve for their hard work.“

Kim Junsu will be appearing in the encore performance of ‘Mozart!’ at the Sungnam Art Center, which will begin on the 24th of May. Though he worried that he would be overexerting himself with his packed schedule, he decided to join the cast because it is a production that he has a special place in his heart for.His thirst for musicals is bringing him back on stage once more.

Source:  kuki news
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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