Director Kang Han Seung: “JYJ’s Junsu is friend of mine; I began helping JYJ because I want them to do well.””

Posted: April 24, 2011 in JYJ, Xiah Junsu
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110420 Director Kang Han Seung Of We#Plus Says, “JYJ’s Junsu Is A Friend Of Mine”

“I pushed for JYJ to promote OKTA to Korea as well as to give them a helping hand on making their entrance into overseas markets.”

At the World-OKTA 30th anniversary event that was held on the 18th at the Walker Hill Sheraton Hotel, popular group JYJ appeared. This was because JYJ have been chosen to be goodwill ambassadors of World-OKTA.

This is the first time that Hallyu stars have been chosen to be goodwill ambassadors for OKTA. When we asked who had suggested them to World-OKTA, we found that it was none other than We#Plus director Kang Han Seung.

Since graduating from the World-OKTA school in 2007, he has been constantly working between China and Korea.

I went to Beijing in 1999 when I was 16 to study abroad. That’s when I got to know TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu through an online game.”

At the time, Mr. Kang was a famous Starcraft gamer. An expert at the game, he was able to become friends with many celebrities as he met them through Shinhwa’s Hae Seong and played Starcraft with them.

“When I began my cosmetics business in China after I graduated from college, I started it up with Xiah Junsu. At the time, SM’s CEO Kim Young Min gave us permission to work together. But when things started to flow smoothly, problems arose for us.”

The event caused Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun to leave SM and create a new group JYJ. But they are walking on tumultuous roads right now.

“When JYJ were producing their album, OKTA member Hong Mi Yeon introduced them to the famous composer Kim Hyung Seok, and through this connection, JYJ were able to receive pieces from other famous composers such as Rodney Jerkins and Kanye West for their first English album.”

Mr. Kang stated that he received much help from members of OKTA while he was building up his cosmetics company. Representatives in Korea who do not know this, usually look down on him because of his young age.

I began helping JYJ because I want them to do well.” Loyalty between friends has blossomed into a new helpful connection for JYJ.

Source: [dongpo news]
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