Fellow stars that Korean celebrities want to work with

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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“Please work with me!” Who are stars’ wannabe stars? (Junsu has quite the admirers!)

Just as everyone has people that want to be friends with and people they want to be partners with, celebrities also have “stars that they want to work with.” For celebrities that aren’t directly friendly with those that they want to work with, they grab attention by giving [the stars they wish to work with] love calls [T/N: love-call = 러브콜, means a shout-out expressing desire to work/be with someone] through TV programs or interviews. Celebrities’ love calls to skillful colleagues, who are the recipients?

(Parts not regarding Junsu omitted)

Noh Youngshim, a singer and writer, was asked “recently are there junior singers that catches your eyes?” when she appeared in a radio program. She replied that “personally there is someone I want to give a song to,” and indicated “JYJ’s Kim Junsu (age 25).” She admitted “I fell in love with his dramatic voice color after seeing the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’” as her reason.

Noh Youngshim is not the only singer who has given out love calls to JYJ’s Junsu. Singer Lee Sora (age 42) also stated at a music program, “the singer I want to sing a duet with is Kim Junsu.” Lee Sora, who has sung duets with the most famous male artists such as Kim Hyunchul, Park Hyoshin, and Sung Shikyung, is rumored to have evoked envy and laughter from the audience when she stated that she wanted to work with Kim Junsu.

(Parts not regarding Junsu omitted)

Source: Sportseoul
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