Yunho and Changmin to perform TVXQ’s “Rising Sun” on Music Bank

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho
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Ok, that’s it! I’ve had enough! I’M DONE WITH THIS.

110421 TVXQ To Perform ‘Rising Sun’ On Music Bank

[600th Episode Special Stage] We have received good news that TVXQ will be showing off their captivating stage presence through ‘Rising Sun’, the title piece of their second album that brought them to where they are now. ^.^

Source: [KBS Music Bank Twitter]
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  1. Aisha says:

    I’m so shocked that I really don’t have anything to say but NO!!!!! They can’t do that!!!!!!!

  2. Jae* says:

    Question: How can they do that. That’s 5 of them, that’s THEIR SONG as a 5. What are they gonna do, sing over JYJ’s lines. Like seriously, I have no problem with Homin singing their own songs as TVXQ..but this is going too far. I mean, has JYJ sang any of TVXQ’s songs..have they sung songs of the 5 when they are only three. NO. This is ridiculous

  3. Lilian says:

    the biggest problems is probably that SM hold the rights to the songs…I know Jae and Yoochun wrote some songs for DBSK previously. So will they sing those songs some day???
    doesn’t seem good =(

  4. maya says:

    I’m sorry if what I were about to say offends anyone. Yes, I’m upset with the fact that the five are no longer together, and I know just how much it hurts the fans as well. But you see, when HoMin performed Rising Sun, it’s because of the theme – King of Kpop or something like that. And DBSK is the king of kpop since 7-8 years ago, right? By DBSK, they’re referring to the boys as 5. Thus, Rising Sun, because it’s one of their greatest songs ever, back then when they were still as 5. Do you think it’s possible for HoMin to sing their latest songs to represent the group as 5? Not possible, I suppose? Because God knows what kind of rejection they’re going to face after that. So, that’s why. Try to think about how HoMin felt when they were actually on stage and performing. Okay, never mind, maybe we should try imagine how they felt when they were only practicing for the song.

    About the performance, it may be lacking because we all know the song is missing another 3 members, HoMin singing will never be able to compare to the five singing, but it was a great stage, I should say.

  5. younadesu says:

    it is painful,so painful.dbsk will never be the same and i try not to care anymore.past is past and present just hurts.

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