Release of the full version of Yoochun’s first CF on National TV

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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Park YuChun, Release of Full Version of First CF on National TV! Appearance as Student Teacher ‘Making Girls Go Pitapat’

Boy group JYJ’s Park YuChun’s first solo national TV commercial full version has been released.

On the 20th April, DongSeo Food Products released online on their homepage website, Ice TiO TV commercial and online commercial that showcases Park YuChun as the lead of the commercial.

On the commercial that was being released, Park YuChun was casted as a student teacher who receives lots of love from the girls students at a all girls high school. A student who was holding cups fulled of iced water was passing through and accidentally poured those cups of water onto Park YuChun who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The student who fall in love with him at first sight held those cups of iced water near his chest and with a peculiar method, expressed her feelings towards him. At her adrupt reactions, Park YuChun didn’t know how he should react and that evoked laughters.

Netizens who saw the commercial made interesting comments such as, “If only our school had that kind of student teacher…” and “I can totally understand the feelings of that girl student.”

This first national TV CF  that had casted Park YuChun as a JYJ member is attracting a lot of attention. For JYJ fans who had some unsatisfactory because they were not able to see JYJ on TV for this whole period through national TV media, through this commercial, it seems that a little of the frustrations had been reduced.

Source. TVDaily
Translated by. inhye87 of withJYJ


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