Netizens on Junsu: “He became an orange boy!”

Posted: April 22, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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JYJ Kim Junsu changes his hair style. He became an “orange boy!”

Group JYJ member Kim Junsu became an orange boy(?).

Recently, Kim Junsu tweeted “lazy afternoon…  getting prepared to go out and KyeongJong who was lying down *chakak* (Sound of photo taking)! I’m famished. we need to go and get some food” and revealed a secretly taken proof-shot.

Kim Junsu in the photo is lying on a sofa wearing plaid pants and slippers. With the black top, Kim Junsu with his hair dyed orange-ish brown stood especially out.

During soccer team FC MEN’s game held on the afternoon of the 15th in Kyunggido Suwon World Cup Stadium, Kim Junsu had a black-brown hairstyle. However, his hair color changed a couple days later.

Thereby, netizens reacted, “Kyaa! The hair color is pretty,” “when did it switch? It looks good on him,” “black-boy to orange-boy! Cute,” and “relaxed pose~ is it today, I’m free?”

Source: Nate
Translation by: withJYJ


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