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110421 Zak Corporation Updates – Regarding The JYJ Charity Event On 7 June

With regards to the 7 June “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event,” we apologise for the confusion caused.

Although there has been news on the internet about the “JYJ Tohoku Earthquake Support Charity Event” being cancelled, we have not cancelled the event.

The 3 members of JYJ hope hold this event and want to meet with the fans of Japan, a country that currently is facing difficulty. They are working together with the staff to make arrangements so as to realise this event.

There will be another announcement when the arrangements are made. In the meanwhile, we ask for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Also, please refrain from contacting the venue for any enquiries.

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Ok, that’s it! I’ve had enough! I’M DONE WITH THIS.

110421 TVXQ To Perform ‘Rising Sun’ On Music Bank

[600th Episode Special Stage] We have received good news that TVXQ will be showing off their captivating stage presence through ‘Rising Sun’, the title piece of their second album that brought them to where they are now. ^.^

Source: [KBS Music Bank Twitter]
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JYJ Kim Junsu stretches out his legs on a large sofa. ‘About to fall asleep’

Group JYJ’s Kim Junsu revealed his relaxed everyday form.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Kim Junsu gathered attention by posting a picture with his tweet, “lazy afternoon…  getting prepared to go out and KyeongJong who was lying down *chakak* (Sound of photo taking)! I’m famished. we need to go and get some food.”

In the revealed photo, Kim Junsu is lying on a large black leather sofa, stretching his legs in a comfortable position. Junsu especially is wearing plaid pants and slippers, and in a comfortable position. Furthermore, his position lying down looks as if he is sluggish and about to fall asleep.

Netizens who saw the photo reacted, “that position looks really comfortable,” “you sneakily revealed your house,” and “why does he look so good in slippers?”

Source: Nate
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“Flower boys soccer team” FC MEN members gather attention “do they pick members according to their faces?”

Celebrity soccer team “FC MEN” gathers attention with their superior looks and excellent soccer skills.

The soccer match between FC MEN and Super Stars of the “2011 Star Peace Cup Celebrity Soccer Tournament” was held on the 15th at the Kyunggido Suwon World Cup Stadium.

On the day’s game, numerous idol stars including JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Hyunjoong, Lee Kikwang, and Yoon Doojoon participated, drawing many fans to the soccer field.

Despite being their first time participating in the tournament, FC MEN which has JYJ’s Kim Junsu as its captain, won 1:0 against Super Stars led by Jung Junho, proving that they are a soccer team which not only looks great, but also has excellent soccer skills.

This match, which gathered a lot of attention early on due to the handsome stars in FC MEN, provided great attraction with the participating members’ “self-shining” looks and great soccer skills.

Thereupon, netizens are showing great interests in the FC MEN members who are both handsome and skilled.

Netizens responded enthusiastically, stating “I’m curious about the selection criteria for FC MEN,” “aren’t the team members too heartwarming,” “it’s icing on the cake since they both look good and are skilled,” and “is the condition to join looks? They are all too handsome.”

Celebrity soccer team FC MEN, which is gathering popularity with its excellent looks and soccer skills, includes JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejoong, singer and actor Kim Hyunjoong, B2st’s Yoon Doojoon and Lee Kikwang, 2AM’s Changmin, Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo, actor Song Joongki, Kim Bum, Lim Juhwan, Park Gunhyung, Lee Wan, comedian Park Sungkwang, and Kim Junsu’s older brother Kim Junho.


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Park YuChun, Release of Full Version of First CF on National TV! Appearance as Student Teacher ‘Making Girls Go Pitapat’

Boy group JYJ’s Park YuChun’s first solo national TV commercial full version has been released.

On the 20th April, DongSeo Food Products released online on their homepage website, Ice TiO TV commercial and online commercial that showcases Park YuChun as the lead of the commercial.

On the commercial that was being released, Park YuChun was casted as a student teacher who receives lots of love from the girls students at a all girls high school. A student who was holding cups fulled of iced water was passing through and accidentally poured those cups of water onto Park YuChun who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The student who fall in love with him at first sight held those cups of iced water near his chest and with a peculiar method, expressed her feelings towards him. At her adrupt reactions, Park YuChun didn’t know how he should react and that evoked laughters.

Netizens who saw the commercial made interesting comments such as, “If only our school had that kind of student teacher…” and “I can totally understand the feelings of that girl student.”

This first national TV CF  that had casted Park YuChun as a JYJ member is attracting a lot of attention. For JYJ fans who had some unsatisfactory because they were not able to see JYJ on TV for this whole period through national TV media, through this commercial, it seems that a little of the frustrations had been reduced.

Source. TVDaily
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JYJ Kim Junsu changes his hair style. He became an “orange boy!”

Group JYJ member Kim Junsu became an orange boy(?).

Recently, Kim Junsu tweeted “lazy afternoon…  getting prepared to go out and KyeongJong who was lying down *chakak* (Sound of photo taking)! I’m famished. we need to go and get some food” and revealed a secretly taken proof-shot.

Kim Junsu in the photo is lying on a sofa wearing plaid pants and slippers. With the black top, Kim Junsu with his hair dyed orange-ish brown stood especially out.

During soccer team FC MEN’s game held on the afternoon of the 15th in Kyunggido Suwon World Cup Stadium, Kim Junsu had a black-brown hairstyle. However, his hair color changed a couple days later.

Thereby, netizens reacted, “Kyaa! The hair color is pretty,” “when did it switch? It looks good on him,” “black-boy to orange-boy! Cute,” and “relaxed pose~ is it today, I’m free?”

Source: Nate
Translation by: withJYJ