“I Am A Singer” PD picks idols with “singing ability” who can appear in the show

Posted: April 20, 2011 in k-pop love, Xiah Junsu
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Kim Younghee PD: “I am a Singer’, No to Idols? JYJ’s Kim Junsu and IU are OK.

The door of MBC TV’s “Our Sunday Night—I am a Singer” is open to idols too. However, the ability to sing is a necessity.

The purpose of “I am a Singer” (T/N: a reality show featuring well-known singers in Korea) is to show the that there coexists a large variety of music in a music broadcast industry that is skewed towards idol groups and dance music and to move the audience.

At this, the first lineup was created by singers who are known for their abilities such as Kim Kunmo, Lee Sora, Jeong Yup, Park Jeonghyun, Kim Bumsu, Baek Jiyoung, and Yoon Dohyun. Further, other singers who cannot be excluded when talking about singing abilities such as Im Jaebum, Kim Yunwoo and BMK appear.

However, it is certainly not that “I am a Singer” excludes Idols from participating. An idol who has the “singing ability” which is the duty of any singer can appear on “I am a Singer” and together make a moving stage.

Kim Younghee PD met with reporters in the afternoon of the 18th in Dreamcenter located in Ilsan, Kyungkdo and picked idol stars who would not lack to appear in “I am a Singer.”

The chosen ones were IU, JYJ’s Kim Junsu, SNSD Taeyun, etc. In particular Kim Younghee PD relayed that she worked hard to cast IU on the show but as she stepped down from the directing position it did not materialize in the end.

(rest omitted as irrelevant)

Source: TvReport
Credit: JYJ3


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