110419 Max Matsuura’s tweets about JYJ

Posted: April 19, 2011 in JYJ
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Seriously, the president of Avex is like a person who only lives to gossip and badmouth people who aren’t on his side. If all the things he’s saying about JYJ are true and if he’s brave enough to stand up by all the badmouthing he’s doing to the three guys and C-Jes, then why don’t he reveal all the secrets he knows that would clear  the minds of the fans as to why they are blocking JYJ’s activities in Japan and as to why the three men are “wrong” for staying with C-Jes? He’s nothing but another coward like SM Entertainment who only knows how to ruin other people’s lives using their influence and money but cannot provide concrete proof to justify their unfair actions.

110419 Max Matsuura’s Tweets About JYJ

It’d be weird if people didn’t find this weird.

Losing is winning (laugh)

We’re not doing this because we want to. It’s that we can’t overcome what we are forced to do so even if we don’t want to….

If I tell it all, it’ll be all of you that will be saddened.

So what I’m saying is, we won’t do anything unfair. I understand your feelings of thinking about the people you like… but unfortunately it’s not like that. Although there is evidence, don’t despair. Saying this, I might get killed, (laugh)

RT @nattinharunana: Does President Matsura still believe in the five of them more than anyone else? (reply): Yes. But I wonder how they feel…

RT @ ycdycd: I wonder what you mean? If you go so far to say that much, can’t you tell us in more detail? The alleged reason for us being saddened and such. “I can’t say it now” –stop saying such things. (reply) But I can’t say it! I’m troubled!

@ TM538: Masa san, you being critical of people does not solve anything T^T (reply): That’s okay. It’s the role I have to play (laugh)

RT @ punpunkazu: Aren’t you guys being really rude? (reply): Wait a minute..Aren’t I the one that’s being talked to more rudely…

RT @richon1101: Masa san please do your best! (reply): Ye~es. Definitely. Because we know it’s the other side that’s bad. The three of them are not bad, the wrong one here is Mr.B .

This is how I feel. The three of them are not bad. That’s it.

It’s good enough to believe in the people you want to believe in! One day you will all understand.

A contract is a difficult thing. We can’t just simply allow exceptions.

RT @JJONMA:Does this mean there is someone behind all this?? Possibly by SM?? (reply): This is where everyone is mistaken. There is nothing going on between Avex and SM. That would be unbelievable. If that were the case, it would probably lead to a fight. IF that were the case. But it’s not.

I like the three of them. However….

I want to let all of you know the truth, but if I tell you here there is the possibility of putting family members at risk too. If there are people that understand, that’s all I need.

RT @ycdycd: Anyway! Please stop interfering with JYJ’s charity event! Don’t stop on the good intentions of charity! (reply): It’s not interference. It’s a problem with contract. Meaning, it’s with the matters of a promise.

I haven’t done anything to be embarrassed about. No matter what people say.

I understand the feelings of people who want to believe in the people that they like. But if they want to believe the boss of these people, that can’t be helped. If they can’t deny the boss, it won’t be possible to save the three of them. If this is how it is, I have nothing more to say.

@mjjeje Wake up (T/N: Open your eyes to reality)

If the details of the contract were revealed, no one would be able to say anything…

We’re not idiots. We wouldn’t do anything that leads to a no win situation.

I’m tired of twitter, and now I’ve realized that I’m not the one who should be coming out in front like this in the first place. Seriously it’s not that I hate the three of them. But, it’s tough being a president. If the company’s concepts and my own thoughts come into conflict, as a president, it is my responsibility to comply with the company.

RT @MAZINGER_DRAGON: President, tomorrow you have a lot of work to do. Please go to sleep now. Tomorrow’s meeting will especially require a lot from President so please rest your body. Please. This issue is also important , but I will take care of it. (reply): Idiot, you’ll die.

When the truth is in your face don’t be so surprised (laugh)

source: max matsuura’s twitter
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