JaeJoong’s Truth in Drink 4: ‘Korean Wave Star’ Kim JaeJoong is special even in his feel for language

Posted: April 16, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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[Truth in Drink 4] ‘Korean Wave Star’ Kim Jaejoong, Special Even in His Feel for Language

Kim Jaejoong has many friends in Japan and in the US. One of the reasons for that is his proficiency in Japanese and English. They are those he learned while on the job on-site, but he was a bit special in his feel for learning languages. He was comparatively strong in the quiz questions too. Question number 3 on parallel universe theory and Question number 7 on jukebox musical made one guess at his level of general knowledge. On Question 4, he realized the answer later but he purposefully wrote in the wrong answer, saying that he didn’t get to it by himself. On getting right the number of stops of Subway Line #2, that was too much, no matter how you sliced it.

(1) The member of the Yupki (T/N: “bizarre”) Duo UV, a hit nowadays, who is of a comedian background? (Answer: Yoon Seyoon)

Jaejoong: Yoon Seyoon

(2) The island of our country which went up as a candidate in the nature-scenery (category) in the 7 Wonders Foundation? (Answer: Jejudo)

Jaejoong: Jejudo

(3) The theory the contents of which says that the fates of two people who live in different ages can proceed in the same pattern? (Answer: Parallel universe theory)

Jaejoong: Parallel universe theory

(4) The capital of the Philippines? (Answer: Manila)

Jaejoong: Manil-su (T/N: see preface)

(5) The name of the fiction of author Sin Kyungsook which is bringing a large response as it was translated and published in the USA? (Answer: Please Take Care of My Mom)

Jaejoong: Please Take Care of My Mom

(6) The (assigned) Hometown of the NC Soft, the 9th Team of the Professional Baseball league that will be newly established? (Answer: Changwon)

Jaejoong: Changwon

(7) What do you call musicals that utilize existing popular songs, such as ‘Mamma Mia’ which utilized Abba’s songs? (Answer: Jukebox Musical)

Jaejoong: Jukebox Musical

(8) The French League Team to which Park Jooyoung, the current captain of the Korean national team, belongs? (Answer: AS Monaco)

Jaejoong: [blank]

(9) What do you call a PC which lets the user use a touch screen or a pan instead of a keyboard, such as the Ipad of the Galaxy Tab? (Answer: Tablet PC)

: [blank]

(10)What is the number of the stops of the Subway Line #2? (Answer: 43)

Jaejoong: 47

(11)The term which means the moral obligation of the society’s wealthy that comes with their position? (Answer: Noblesse oblige)

Jaejoong: [blank]

(12)Of the final 12 of MBC’s “Great Birth”, the first one to be eliminated, who was the Jin (T/N: #1) for Miss Korea Japan? (Answer: Kwon Lise)

Jaejoong: Kwon Lise

(13)The current Secretary of State who was once the First Lady of the United States? (Answer: Hillary Clinton)

Jaejoong: Hillary Clinton

(14)The total number of seats in the national assembly of Korea? (Answer: 299)

Jaejoong: [balnks]

(15)The General of Kyoro (T/N: Korea about a millennium ago) who led the Great Victory of Gweeju? (Answer: Kang Kamchan)

Jaejoong: Kang Kamchan

(16)If you add the number of members in Miss A, Girls Generation, and 2AM? (Answer: 17)

Jaejoong: 17

(17)The Chinese character that should go into second letter of the four-letter term that means that one reads with the glow of the firefly and snow and studies with hardship?

Jaejoong: [blank]

(18)The meaning of RT in Twitter? (Answer: Retweet, Retwit)

Jaejoong: Re Twit

(19)The number of seaweed sheets in one bundle? (Answer: 100)

Jaejoong: 30

(20)What do you call that which is designated by the state among those cultural assets that have a high historical and educational value which are products of plays, music, dance, and the like? (Answer: Intangible Cultural Assets)

Jaejoong: Intangible Cultural Assets

Source: Joongang Sports Daily
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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