JaeJoong: “I learned the strength and composure of time”

Posted: April 15, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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JYJ Kim Jaejoong, “I learned the Strength and Composure of Time”

Feels a High Sense of Accomplishment through Concert Directing. Wishes to Appear in a Domestic Drama that has Internal Stability rather than (mere) Scale. 

It is sometimes cruel to stand on the crossroads of choice. Upon gain, there is bound to be something lost. It is not easy to pick over the pros and cons. That is because there are no set standards and also because joy and sorrow mingles depending on the perspective.

JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong, who had stood on the momentous crossroads of life, made his answer for a while with his relaxed smile (instead of speaking). I asked again: “Are you satisfied with the current situation?” He opened his mouth only then, and his answer was short and succinct. “I learned just how happy it is, to be free.” However, to find stability again, there needed to be a year’s time. The situations surrounding him have suddenly changed but he does not shake any longer. That is because he has learned the relaxedness of accepting the reality and finding happiness in small things.

“I speak comfortably about the past. That is the reason why I can put “JYJ from TVXQ” on my Twitter Profile and why my cell phone’s wallpaper is still a picture of TVXQ.”

Kim Jaejoong declared, that “one day all of us will be together.” An unclear future. He believed that “time will take care of everything.” Even just a year or so ago, he was in a state of confusion, to the degree that he could not see just one day ahead. He could not believe that there will come a time in which, like nowadays, each day is pleasurable and can challenge himself to his heart’s content to anything he wishes. He felt a not-small sense of accomplishment in taking on the role of the executive director of the stages of the World Tour which began in Thailand on the 2nd and 3rd. He also came to have other dreams now.

“I want to try appearing in dramas and musicals.” The name of the new challenge that Jaejoong has hatched in his heart is Acting. That is one of the news that his fans are nowadays looking forward to, the most. The project that the agency that is in charge of management, C-JeS Entertainment, has prepared for a long time is also that he appears in a drama in Korea. Already, there are instances in which the appearance in a few dramas have reached the achievement stages, such as ‘God of War: Athena’ and ‘Hanbando.’

“The management has suggested big projects many times. ‘Kim Jaejoong, we’ve prepared this for you,’ they say, and they plop down the papers. Some, I really loved, and some, they were too big for me to handle. I am growing my longings as I become closer little by little to my dream. I believe that there will be a day when the many things that I am preparing will materialize.”

Kim Jaejoong’s dream has already been realized, about half. He appeared in the Japanese drama “Sunao ni Narenakute” and acted together with Japanese actors such as Ueno Juri and Eita. The portion of the other half is the appearance in a domestic drama.

“I was planning to appear soon in a domestic drama but it seems that there needs to be more time. At that, I don’t become rushed in my thinking. I am waiting for the right time.”

That he will not be impatient, is his thought nowadays. The projects which were offered were all extremely large projects. Nowadays, he wishes to meet a project that fits him, regardless of the scale. He knows well that the way to keep from disappointing the fans is not to appear in large projects or to take on a fancy role. He believes that it is to show ripe acting even if the part is small. He did not lose his relaxedness, saying that “it’s worrisome because there are too many offers.”

Exactly one week after the interview, Kim Jaejoong put up a photograph on his twitter. It was a photograph in which his colleagues Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun were playing around as if they were fighting and clutching at each other’s throats. Jaejoong also posted words of: “Happy, huh!” and “It’s such a problem, they’re too friendly with each other!” Fans also encouraged these men who were having a happy time with each other. It occurred to me, without my realizing, the words that Jaejoong gave at the end of the interview.

“I wonder whether there was ever another time in which I laughed so much, with a carefree heart, as nowadays. Whenever I feel that “there is no one but us” while looking at Junsu and Yoochun, there is a twinge in my heart. I think often the thought that it’s so nice that we create things together and are together—making do, if something is here, as here, and if not here, then as not here. The fans who were worried in the beginning also know that well, and that is fortunate. I know what they are worried about but I wish that they will just keep me in their sight. We’ve endured well until now, haven’t we? I’ve always done so until now, I believe in the power of time.”

SourceHankook Ilbo
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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