110414 JaeJoong’s twitter updates

Posted: April 15, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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Some of JaeJoonng’s meaningful tweets yesterday. I’m guessing he tweeted this after learning the news of Saitama Arena withdrawing from the JYJ Charity Event.

110414 JaeJoong twitter updates

(read from bottom to top)

하지만 노래하는 태양의 빛이 있기에 “괜찮다.괜찮다.”라며 몇번이고 내게 되새긴다. 보이진않아도 들을순있다. 그리고 느낄수 있다.서로 느끼고 사랑하고있다
(8:48PM KST, Apr 14th)
But I repeatedly remind myself “It’s ok. It’s ok.” because there is a light from sun that is singing. Although I can’t see it, I can listen. And I can feel it. We feel and love each other.

세상아 절대 그게아니라고 말해다오
(8:40PM KST, Apr 14th)
Please world, tell me it is not so.

하늘과땅이 가깝다고 생각했다.그래서 내가 어디에있건 가슴속 모든사람들은 같은 하늘아래 같은 땅위에 있으니 서로 그리 멀지않다고 생각했다.외롭지도 않았다.처음으로 이상하게 해질녘 주체할수없이 멀어져가는 내 그림자를 보는것처럼 쓸쓸하구나
(8:40PM KST, Apr 14th)
I used to think the sky and the earth is close. So wherever I am, I thought all the people in my heart are not so far from each other because we’re under the same sky, on the same earth. I was not lonely, either. For the first time, strangely, I feel lonely as if I’m looking at my own shadow helplessly getting far in the sunset.

credits: @xyahong
shared by: @tohosomnia


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