TV/Magazine critics pick Yoochun as among the next gen actors

Posted: April 12, 2011 in k-pop love, Micky Yoochun
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TV/Magazine Critics Pick Yoochun as Among the Next Gen Actors

Among the Idol Members Who’ve Tried Their Hands at Acting, Who is the Best Acting-Dol Who Will Settle Himself as an Actor?

Kim Sunyoung, TV Critic: My faith is going to Siwon, who has built up his basis with small and big parts in many works, and to Park Yoochun, who has shown a stable vocalization and an ability to pull off the lines in his debut as lead. In terms of potential, Suzie and Uknow Yunho. They were both somewhat far from stable acting but because their atypical acting was actually fresh I am looking forward to their next projects.

Lee Jeongeun, Editor of Off:  Max Changmin and Uknow Yunho, and the members of Super Junior are too strong in their characters as singers to be actors, it seems that they will spend all of their good days in trying to erase their character. Instead of ripping apart the established complete product to create a new product, those idols who are like blank paper because their characters are not definite, such as Suzie and Yun Duzun, will do well as actors.

Choi Jieun, Reporter at TenAsia: Park Yoochun, who unfolded a stable acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, has as his strong points an agreeable face and a full expression of emotion. Tacyun, with his strong-lined features and attractive low voice, has the presence that is necessary for a “male lead,” aside from acting techniques. Yun Duzun of “Everything My Love,” is a face that, as suggested by his nickname “Boyfriend-dol,” expresses naturally the character of a regular man in his twenties while at the same time seems to fit well in a melodrama.

Source: Elle
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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