JaeJoong explains his scandals with Japanese stars

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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JYJ Jaejoong, Explains His Scandals with Top Stars of Japan. “They All Have Proper Lovers”

(T/N: Literally, “They Are All Those Who Have Owners.” In Korea, the word 임자, literally translated as “owner,” is a fun and colloquial way of referring to one’s romantic partner.)

JYJ’s Hero Jaejooong himself explained his run of rumors of romance with Japan’s top stars.

Jaejoong recently confessed in the interview with Daily Sports about the rumors of dating Hamasaki Ayumi and another top model and actress, simply as is (T/N: literally, “without adding or subtracting”).

He revealed: “It is true that I know Hamasaki Ayumi personally. After we first met at the A-nation Concerts, which Japan’s Avex of which Ayumi is an affiliate holds every summer, we are contacting each other. However, our relationship is not one that those around us believe it to be.”

Nonetheless, the two were mired in a scandal last October. That is because Ayumi purposefully visited Korea in order to watch Jaejoong’s Showcase Performance despite her busy schedule. Jaejoong explained: “At the time, Ayumi and another of my Japanese artist friend (kindly) visited me. I thought that it was a friendship as between musicians. Also, last January Ayumi has even made a surprise announcement of marriage.” Ayumi has revealed through Twitter that she has married with an actor of Austrian descent.

On the scandal with another of Japan’s model/actress, Jaejoong revealed the behind story, saying that the counterpart was “Yamada Yu.” He explained: “Yamada Yu, along with Yamamini coopera Tomohisa and others, is one of my very close friends. After our performance in Los Angeles, I met her in the after-party and (from then) built our friendship. As is well-known already, she is someone who even has a very famous boyfriend named Oguri Shun.”

Jaejoong said: “In conclusion, right now I don’t have a girlfriend and so am spending all of my time at home. I think that my learning Japanese diligently all this while and being candid (T/N: literally, “having shown a candid self”) in meeting with Japanese entertainers were the impetus for our building friendships with each other.”

Source: Daily Sports
Photo Brightness Correction Credit: DC TVXQ Gallery, 호두찡
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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