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110408 C-JeS News:『3hree Voices Ⅱ』Release Notice

This is C-JeS Entertainment,

On the 11th of May, 2011, “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be released.

The 2010 “3hree Voices” was only released in Japan, but the 2011 “JYJ 3hree Voices Ⅱ” will be for fans throughout Asia, and thus in addition to Japanese subtitles, there will be Korean and English subtitles. will be selling the DVD.

The website will be open on April 10th for preorders in Korea for two weeks, and then the Japanese and overseas website will be opened afterwards.

In commemoration of the release in Korea, a small premier event will be held for 30 people who are chosen through a draw. Various events will are in the pipeline for Japanese and overseas fans.

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Here’s the official teaser of the 3hree Voices II DVD:

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110408 JYJ’s Japanese Charity Event Ticket Sold Out! Great Interest For The Concert After 1 Year

The charity event to be held by male group JYJ to support victims in Japan is met with a high public interest.

Tickets for charity event in Saitama Super Arena, Japan on coming June 7th to support the earthquake victims in North Kanto area were reportedly sold out at the same time for both 14:00 and 17:00 shows.

An official confirmed, “This will be their concert in Japan after one year, since June last year. Because JYJ hasn’t performed in Japan for quite a long time, thus the anticipation from fans seems to get even higher.”

Saitama Super Arena is a venue that is able to accommodate approximately 35,000 people.

Just recently JYJ said through their official site, “We want to give a little courage for all disaster victims in Japan,” as the goal of their charity event.

According to the official, fee and proceeds generated from the concert will be donated to the earthquake victims.

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(Staff Account) About “In Heaven”, why was it called “In Heaven”?

(excerpt from a staff account) …while listening to this song, many might be curious why the song is called like this. What does it mean? What does it refer to? When I knew the name before listening to the song, I also thought whether it was a heart-breaking love song, why Jaejoong had to name this song like this. Thanks to P’Kung (T/N 411 CEO) that gave us the light. P’Kung said that Jaejoong composed it to his friends who passed away when Jaejoong was in the US. You guys still remember that? P’Kung said when he listened to this song and know the meaning of it, he felt goosebump because it was so deep and he didn’t expect that JJ would be able to convey the feeling this much.

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