We’re finally able to listen to them

The happy news that we’ve been waiting for
I want to let you know that it took a lot of efforts of many people in order for this charity concert to become true.

To tell you the truth, at first they were planning to have a concert in  Tokyo Dome in May (T/N: this was planned before the Earthquake, so it  wasn’t planned to be a charity concert). They believed that they would  be able to sing in Tokyo. They wanted to tell their fans that JYJ is  facing forward and they would be taking their fans with them to that  future they were facing. They wanted to show their fans a level that was  even higher than before, and they wanted to show you the sweats of  their efforts… However, despite their efforts, suddenly they received  the news that their performance in Tokyo would be canceled. Tokyo Dome  received pressure from company A, and that was while we were filming for  3HREE VOICES2. I could imagine how shocked they could have been…

As you already knew, the company A that was JYJ’s management agency in  Japan has one-sided stopped all of JYJ’s Japanese activities last  September. Didn’t that mean they had abandoned JYJ’s management and by  that, telling them to do what they wanted by themselves from now on?

At that time, they took action to help out Japan that was struck by the  great earthquake. I was touched by their sincerity, and they gave me a  lot of courage and love. I already wrote about this on my blog.
Such young people like them donated 600,000,000 won. To tell you the  truth that wasn’t all. Someone close to them contacted me and told me  that each of them wanted to contribute individually, so they wanted me  to find out where and how they could contribute more. And that seemed to  be a large amount of money too.
They are conveying their feelings to Japan, aren’t they. This is something that I witnessed and experienced myself.

Even so, they still can’t sing in Japan?
Is it THAT hard just to sing?
It’s not that they forgot how to sing, it’s that they weren’t allowed to sing… what a painful thing.

And then, there was a request from an authority personnel for them to perform at the charity event.
I could imagine how happy JYJ and C-Jes were.
They finally could sing in front of Japanese fans!
However, JYJ even made a request. Beside the expenses, they wanted to  donate everything. They said that it was enough to be able to sing and  to revive.

Then the announcement of the charity concert on 6/7 in Yokohama Arena  was made on newspapers such as Daily News. However, as you already knew,  the company A got involved in this once again. Not only did they bring  down the news article, they also put pressure on Yokohama Arena.

If they were to give up on that charity concert, it means that they  wouldn’t be able to send that donation money to the victims of the  Earthquake. What is the benefit of disturbing a charity concert like  this? Not being able to send out the donation money and causing the  reconstruction after the earthquake to delay.

Then they thought of Saitama Super Arena. We asked them not to give in  to the pressure by the company A. That is not only for JYJ’s sake but  also for the sake of the reconstruction of the earthquake.

We must be successful with this charity concert.
If they were able to sing here, then there would be a possibility that  they would be able to sing in Japan again. An unfinished contract with  activities being suspended… in other words, they aren’t allowed to sing  in Japan. Is that kind of oppression considered to be ok?
We would definitely not allow any kind of disturbance. This is the time that the fans should stand up.

I wrote that they would undoubtedly swim across the ocean (in order to sing). I also wrote that we must believe in them.

To them, it’s not a simple thing. There’s an invisible wall that’s  trying to stop them. They are trying to overcome that obstacle. Let’s  set up a ladder and welcome them back.
Someday, the day that everyone is able to freely listen to their  performance will come. This is the very first step towards that day.
I also took a look at the comments you made. I can’t reply back to every single person, please don’t be offended by that.

T/N: The blog entry is now deleted. This translation is made thanks to the script that was saved by @onnellinen64.

Source: http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/onnellinen64/~WJodD
Translation: linhkawaii @ ONETVXQ.com


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