JYJ released ’3hree Voices’ heart-warming images teaser

Posted: April 8, 2011 in JYJ
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110407 JYJ Released ’3hree Voices’ Heart-warming Images Teaser

Male group JYJ released pictures during their heartwarming travel.

On the 7th in the morning through online website, the travel documentary movie of JYJ members, ’3HREE VOICES’ revealed some teaser pictures.

In the teaser pictures, fans could catch images of the members covering themselves in blanket with gleeful smile and other scenes of spending leisure time comfortably by listening to the music and drinking coffee.

Furthermore, there is also image of them laughing aloud while were putting pranks/hitting on each others.

Towards the release pictures, fans commented, “Please release the DVD soon, I want to watch it!” “These pictures seem to come out from their natural daily routines.” showing their high interest to the coming DVD.

According to the ’3HREE VOICES’ official, the official teaser shall be disclosed on the 13th and there’s plan to draw 30 lucky people to be invited to the premiere event.

Source: tvdaily
Trans by: sharingyoochun

  1. younadesu says:

    i guess we all are curious about it,true?:)

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