Restrictions on JYJ’s Activities, Is that Really Poison?

The Bangkok, Thailand Concert that  kicked off JYJ’s World Tour proceeded in enthusiasm that was much more  heated than was expected. Around 22,000 fans visited the concert that  was held over two days. One could not see the end of the footsteps of  the Thailand’s citizens who wanted to see JYJ’s performances—from the  Prime Minister of Thailand to Thailand’s celebrities and entertainers.  It was almost enough to make one become confused as to whether this was  actually JYJ, a group that has restrictions on their activities as  artists.

JYJ is going through a dispute  with its former agency SM Entertainment after having split off from  TVXQ. It is true that due to this it has become difficult to find their  stages in Korea. Each TV station’s music programs are mired in  complicated understandings and relationships so that they are unable to  easily put JYJ on stage. Currently, JYJ fans are seeing their members  not on the stage but through dramas and musicals.

Particularly, because JYJ is  restricted on its TV appearances, there is a limit to building awareness  of their activities. Kim Junsu spoke his mind on the disappointment on  that point before the concert in Thailand: “Even though the album itself  is not even released officially in the United States, it became #5 in  Billboard’s Album of the Year. Also, artists like Kanye West and Rodney  Jerkins participated in the album but people who are not fans are  unaware. We have pride in our album’s quality and its good songs but I  feel regret that we are not able to show that in Korea.”

That is not all. JYJ’s reality  program, which was planned to air on the cable channel QTV, repeatedly  delayed itself and in the end the program itself became cancelled  without a satisfactory explanation. Furthermore, the fans on their own  opened an Internet Radio Station and pointed out the direction for the  new fandom culture, but absurdly the entire staff announced its closing  in four days to everyone’s shock. Indeed, JYJ is having one bad thing  happen after another.

But Kim Junsu did not leave this out: “We think that this is a mountain to be climbed. I think we’ve all become more solid.”

In truth, JYJ, when they were  TVXQ, was a group that gloried in (having) the highest level of  popularity in Asia. They received the highest level of treatment and  each TV station competed to cast them and JYJ performed their activities  with the best staff. However, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu  must have realized the value of everything that they had basked in the  moment that they became JYJ from TVXQ.

For them who cannot sing on TV,  the concert stage is the only place on which they can let fans hear  their songs. This made the members again appreciate the value of the  stage, something that they probably felt only during their debut years.  This made JYJ train themselves so that they can sing perfect songs on a  live stage that comes only once.

Furthermore, as much as their time  of exposure by the media is small, JYJ came to bring themselves with  care to each and every interview with the media. It was impossible for  the members to not be concerned with how they would appear, not merely  to JYJ fans but also to the former fans who have turned away and to  those people who do not know JYJ. One affiliate, recalling an interview  that JYJ had with a media entity, said: “I’ve never seen the members  tremble like that.”

The fans, watching the hardship  that JYJ endures in their activities, strengthened in their ability to  unite and cohere. The disposition of the fans to themselves protect JYJ  has deepened.

The JYJ Internet Radio Station,  which had many troubles, was also an attempt in which the fans gathered  by themselves to relieve the restrictions of the media activities by  creating a JYJ-exclusive media. Furthermore, the reason for its closing  is not, as some have relayed, that the administrator had suffered from  threats from JYJ fans and so decided to close—this is false.

JYJ fans had wished that the  Internet Radio station would aim for equity and fairness as do the  regular media. However, contrary to the original goals, the staff used  the copyrighted materials without permission, provided incorrect  information about JYJ, made appear a female politician who had nothing  to do with JYJ, and engaged in other problematic acts. At this, the JYJ  fans worried that JYJ would be used politically and that the broadcast  would become prejudiced, and in the end the staff announced its closing.  The Internet Radio can be understood as an incident in which from its  opening to its closing the fans’ voluntary will and self-purifying  abilities were applied.

It is hard to guarantee when  people will be able to see JYJ freely on Korean stages. However, what is  clear is that because JYJ is going on live stages frequently due to  their difficulties in domestic activities, they are in fact transforming  into a more capable group. The fans also are uniting more.

In the Concert in Thailand, JYJ  showed off their first live of the ‘Nameless Song part 1’ which  expresses their current situation, and the audience applauded when it  was over. It was an applause of encouragement that supported JYJ’s path.

Source: My Daily
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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