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Prain’s Owner Writes About Jaejoong, JYJ, and C-JeS

The below is a post that  the owner of Prain, which is JYJ’s press agency, made on April 5th. In  it, he talks about his encounters with Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu and  details his impressions.

The owner also reveals that  Jaejoong took time out of his packed schedule during Tokyo Dome last  year and flew to Korea to attempt to meet with his former bandmates. He  also reveals that Yunho and Changmin refused to meet with Jaejoong.

Please be respectful to  Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu — and the group JYJ —  in your comments.  That is the fundamental ground rule of JYJ3.


Kim Jae Joong

Kim Jaejoong-kun (T/N: a suffix  attached to males younger than the speaker) called me and asked me to  participate in the celebration video for Jaejoong’s birthday party that  was to be held soon.

Of course I wanted to celebrate (Jaejoong’s birthday) too.

But if something went wrong, I  thought my actions might be mistaken as promoting either myself or my  company, so I said no in a roundabout way. There are definitely people  who would misunderstand even if one acts  from a good heart. Above all, I  was not a person who was in the position to give such interviews.

However, she called me multiple  times and asked me to write down memories about Jaejoong if I could not  be interviewed, and so I answered her that I would do so if I had time.

So I thought about Jaejoong. But  in truth, there wasn’t too much to recall. When I think about it, the  hands-on staff meet (JYJ) every day, but I didn’t really have many  occasions to meet the 3 members of JYJ.

But I did want to join in the celebration of Jaejoong’s birthday, and so I wrote my short recollections and sent them.

I did so, I saw that the fans made  a book for the celebration of Jaejoong’s birthday and bam! printed the  words that I sent. And those words spread far and wide (I thought that  it was only going to be shared as a video in the birthday party…)

But the writing was edited in its  print. I totally understand, however, even though the part in which I  say “I really want to reveal this for this occasion” is cut. That is  because that message did not fit in in a book that was a present for  Jaejoong’s birthday. Below, the “bold” parts are those parts that were  cut. (T/N: We made the blue.)

I re-post those words in the hopes that after this afternoon, the fans of JYJ will understand my position.


Hello, this is Yuh Joon Young.

Before I write a celebratory message for Jaejoong, I have something to reveal first.

There are some parts which many  people, especially JYJ fans, misunderstand. To make it clear through  this writing, I am not the person who is in charge of JYJ’s promotions.  To be more accurate, I am not even the manager of the press agency Prain  as is commonly said.

Of course, I am the founder of Prain and even now I am the largest shareholder.

However I own many companies  aside from Prain. And just as the words say, and no more than that—I am  the owner of those companies and am not involved in the operation of  those affiliates. In all companies there are CEOs who are responsible  for those companies. Also, there are, separately, directors and teams  that take charge of each project.

Stars like Park Jeesung, Kim  Yun-ah, and JYJ of course, and large corporations like Sam Sung and SK  and also government agencies, as they work with Prain, meet and work  with the employees of Prain and not me.

Therefore, officially, I have no occasion to meet with the 3 members of JYJ or any other client.

I’ve met the 3 members of JYJ exactly two times.

On the day of the first showcase  in Koryo University’s HwaJeong ChaeYook Kwan, the affiliates told me to  please come and so I went, but out of fear that the performance may be  disturbed, I sat among the audience to watch the show. Amazingly, that  day was the first time that I have seen them sing, including from their  TVXQ days.

Because after the afternoon  performance was over and my company’s affiliates said they’d introduce  JYJ to me, because I felt a bit shy and I had nothing to say and I was  afraid of disturbing them when they are resting so I kept avoiding it,  but somehow or the other I was dragged (?) to the waiting room that JYJ  was in. When I opened the door of the waiting room, three people were  sitting. Jaejoong was not wearing a top, but when I went in and the  employee introduced me, he suddenly jumped to his feet and hurriedly  found and put on his clothes, saying that he is sorry. The other two  members also got up quickly and said hello. The person who was sorry and  mortified was actually me. That place was the waiting room which had as  its owner JYJ, and actually, it was I who had interfered with their  resting. “No not at all. I disturbed your rest. I enjoyed the  performance. Let’s see you again soon.” I said that and I got out of the  room quickly. I feel that it took less than 30 seconds for me to get in  and get out of that room.

They were idols who are said to be  the most popular in the world. (The typical style of the “top star” is  to look with the expression that says “and who are you?” while sitting  in the waiting room cross-legged. ^^)

After, I passed by Kim Junsu-Kun  who was coming back from the restroom. It was very awkward because our  relationship was neither here or there in terms of having been  introduced, as it was 30 seconds. Because in the concert hall that day  there had been so many people so that there was no way that he’d  remember me who had merely passed by for a short moment, so I was about  to pass him (without saying anything), but this guy, he gave a slight  nod and suddenly winked.

(omitted) (T/N: This “omitted” is from the writer, not the translator).

I met these men again in a café that is on the first floor of the building of our company one day in December.

They said that they’d come  around 1pm and so I told them to come without having eaten because I  would prepare a lunch for them, and so I laid out a meal for them.

I prepared steak and pasta, but  Jaejoong said he wanted rice so I made him sashimi on top of rice. I had  made them myself in the kitchen as a special gesture and I wanted to  see if he ate it with enthusiasm or not, but he said that it was  delicious and cleaned the plate.

They stayed for over five hours  but because in the middle there were a few interviews and because they  were already close with the employees of the company as I said above, I  didn’t really have an occasion to make conversation with them.

This  is something I felt having seen them two times. Junsu sings whenever  there is time. He sang as he walked and when he sat and it seemed that  he was always practicing. Yoochun seemed as if he was always writing  something whenever there was a moment. Jaejoong seemed to be of the type that had quite a bit of curiosity about the world around him.

So I think that is how Jaejoong and I first began talking.

As Junsu and Yoochun was absorbed  in the movie that I had turned on (Love Actually), Jaejoong saw my audio  and struck up a conversation: “Wow, what is this? I want to buy one  too.”

I hurriedly ran to explain about the audio.

Then, he started to pull out and look at one book and then another from the bookshelf.

I told him that I’d give him the  book if he liked any, and he chose Alain de Botton. And he,  mischievously, also picked up an essay on dating, and said “would I have  to read this in order to get a girlfriend.”

Anyways, even though it was very  quick, while we were having a conversation, he was such a sociable and  friendly guy, enough to make me completely forget about the fact that I  was talking to the #1 idol in Popularity Worldwide (So I hear that  Jaejoong is #1, eh?).

I don’t know if this is the apt analogy, but it was exactly that feeling—

The slick career woman who,

To one’s surprise,

Likes Pocha (T/N: run-down and outdoors drinking station);

The tough male who,

To one’s surprise,

Loves to cook;

The Chaebol CEO (T/N: extremely wealthy) who

To one’s surprise,

Empties with vigor, scraping the bowl,

Of a guk-bab (T/N: a marketplace rice dish) costing 3000 KRW (T/N: approximately 3 USD).

So—the person who is even more attractive because of that.

The “story of how I came to have  Jaejoong as the only person that I follow” which many people have asked  me about is also from that day.

I asked Jaejoong: “Jaejoong can’t  read all the twitter mentions that fans send him, right? Every day there  must be thousands piled up.”

Then Jaejoong said: “If it is a  few thousands I probably can read them all. But a while ago, I left my  computer on from the morning and went out and looked at it in the  evening—and tens of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands… in any case,  really an enormous number had come.”

Yoochun, who was listening to us beside us, was surprised: “Wow, really?”

I was also surprised, and said:  “Wow, so if I try to talk to you or something, you wouldn’t even be able  to find me.” It was something that I said as in mere passing.

Then Jaejoong asked: “That’s fixed  if I find you and follow you. What is your ID?” I thought that those  words, too, were in passing.

The next morning, I received a mention from a JYJ fan. “Mr. CEO, Jaejoong-oppa followed you. I’m jealous.”

That… indeed, if I were to borrow  an expression from the kids these days, was “OMG.” When I went into  Jaejoong’s Twitter, I saw that he had really remembered that  conversation which seemed to be in passing from last night, and that he  had found me and followed me, bam.

As you know, my followers number  around 4000. But the number of people that I follow was 0 for a very  long time. The surface reason was that I didn’t want others to discover  who I liked and who I disliked. Also, if I follow someone and not follow  the other, I feared that those that I didn’t follow would feel  disappointed, so I felt that I really couldn’t do anything.

This was a very big assignment for  me who had planned to maintain the “following” at 0. Because Jaejoong,  of sky and land (T/N: an expression meaning “almighty”), had followed me  first.

Anyways, so the story of how I came to follow solely Jaejoong out of the three is that.

I wrote quite a lot but there’s not that much to it, huh.

This is the extent of what I know about Jaejoong or the three members.

After that too, our employees are  continually meeting with them and working with them, but I’ve never gone  into those situations.

I plan to remain just one fan out of many who wish for their best from afar.

Even if I do not step up myself,  if there is anything that is needed from our employees’ helping the work  of the three, I will work hard to help them behind the scenes.

Also, while this is not a conversation that I had with Jaejoong himself,

I have heard Jaejoong say to a reporter in our café as follows.

I don’t know if there was an  article on this, but because this is something that Jaejoong said  without an embargo during an interview with a reporter, I don’t think  there will be a big problem if I relay them, so I will transfer what  Jaejoong said unchanged.

“We were working without even  time to rest in Japan, but there was a time when there was a one-day  vacation, just one day. So, in order to meet with the former members, I  asked in the middle through a friend to arrange a meeting, and I came to  Korea.

It was a vacation of just one  day. The vacation was going to be over just by coming in and going out  of the country, but despite that, in order to see them without fail, I  came to Korea by plane, without even sleeping.

But, ultimately, they would not meet with me, and I went back to Japan again.”

I cannot forget the expression on Jaejoong’s face, who was saying those words to the reporter.

I could read, from that expression, what kind of a person Jaejoong was.

I feel careful in talking about this… and I don’t know the details, but

It seems that Jaejoong put in a lot of effort in order to meet with his former friends.


As many fans know,

I met Jaejoong after that once, in passing.

This guy, there was a time when I  wasn’t there but he just bam, popped into the café, and suddenly just  plopped down a present and left…

And when we met at the fan  meeting, he acted with such gladness, saying “why did you come all the  way here despite your busy schedule,” and[C1]

Yes, he did things like that.

To resolve one more misunderstanding by adding onto this writing,

Prain is a company that is promoting a hundred or so companies by receiving very expensive fees.

The work with JYJ is a bit different in character from those corporate clients.

It is not business, we are participating with a good heart.

Contrary to what many fans believe, we are not receiving a tremendous sum of money.

We also do not have any intention  of promoting Prain by using JYJ. (Because Prain is doing a kind of B2B  business, it is a company that has no need to make the general public  aware of it.)

Of course, it is I who did decide to back JYJ’s team.

When I recall back to that time, my decision was right.

Not because I have values as to who is right and who is wrong, but

Relatively, JYJ is the weaker  party, and given the dynamics of that industry, there were no courageous  companies who were willing to represent them, and

Because we were at least a company that had enough power to not burden them.

After making that decision, I told  the Prain Entertainment Team, who is greater than I am, to help them in  good faith and stepped out.

Anyways, Prain is not in a position where it can lead JYJ or decide anything.

We are at the relationship in  which if they say “please do this” we just help them to the best of our  abilities on that matter, and that is it.

However, we are always thinking  that this relationship is just as valuable as a business relationship  that exchanges an immense sum of money.

And we truly love them, and

respect C-Jes, which is sincerely helping them.


From someone who is watching beside (them),

C-JeS is doing its best with a good heart, and

Because there are many fans who  are “always believing in them and waiting for them” next to JYJ, (T/N:  Refer back to the Fan Meeting)

Whether there is Prain or not,

Everything will be okay.

Anyways, although it is fine that you are sharing with me information about JYJ,

I confess to you that I am sorry that I do not have anything to say if you ask me “why is it like this, why is that like that.”

Next week, I myself will be entering into a contract with an entertainer.

I plan to be his manager, in person.

The breadth of my movements will become a bit different, but

You promise me that you don’t say anything about “why are you doing works of another person.”

Source: Prain
Translation Credit: JYJ3


′Return of the King′ JYJ World Tour Kick-off Success…Melting the Hearts of 22, 000 Fans

The evident feeling of Spring that was felt was override by the Bangkok concert on 3rd April which was held during the hot summer of  exceeding 30 degrees.  Fans are seen entering into Impact Arena every now and then without any complains about the hot weather and about more than 10, 000 fans were present at the venue.

The star that fans have been waiting for was JYJ. On this day, JYJ was to hold their first kick-off of their “JYJ World Tour Concert in Bangkok, Thailand” was part of their promotion for their “The Beginning” album that was released last October and thus marking the returning of the king.

This JYJ performance consists of a vibrant staging with stuctures like the revealing of their new songs which doesn’t allow one to cast their attention to other places other than the stage. The performance consisted of songs like ‘Mission’, ‘Nine’, IDS’, ‘Nameless Song Part 1′ and many more songs from their album ” JYJ Music Essay” which topped chart as best seller for the first half of this year. In addition, they revealed, for the first time, 4 new songs namely, ‘In Heaven’, ‘You’re’, ‘Get out’ and ‘Boy’s Letter’.

The purpose of this concert is more significant with member JaeJoong as the executive director for the concert. He designed the whole performance with the concept of ‘Ingenious Challenge’. For the sake of this performance, he personally directed with a magnificant stage, lightings, sounds and much more, he even went 2 weeks before the concert to Bangkok to prepare and oversee the whole preparation meticulously.

They captivated the attention of their fans with ‘ Empty’, ‘IDS’, ”Nine’, songs from their ‘The Beginning’ album. After having performed ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Be The One’, they moved on to peform their solo tracks they composed, allowing fans to listen to it live for the first time ever.There was a performance of  ‘I Love You’ by Yuchun. Fans reacted intensely to the song while YuChun sexily performed it with 4 other female dancers. Fans who watched the every single steps that he took on the stage, reacted strongly and thus had fun.

Junsu showed off his unique singing talents wholeheartedly through sorrow ballad song ‘I Can Soar’.  Junsu, who gained his reputation through musicals ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ’Mozart!’ as a musical actor has effectively showed off his solo like he was performing for a musical.

JaeJoong who performed his solo track ‘Still in Love’ after Junsu also sang it passionately. After that song, the next song that was performed was ‘Nameless Song Part 1′ that was sung live for the first time ever. Especially, it is a 8-minute track that showcased the over flowing rapping skills of YuChun and received a lot of applause naturally. Was it because it was a song that speaks about their story? Their sincerity was crammed up through their voices, spilling out all the stories that they wished to tell and it can be easily seen through their faces how peaceful and the importance of stage to them.

Afterwhich, drama OST ‘SungKyunkwan Scandal’ song ‘Found’ was performed. That song made all 11,000 fans present stood on their feet. Even though the song lyrics was in Korean, fans were singing along with JYJ.

With ‘You’re’ marking the end of the performance, the fans called out to JYJ and refused to leave the venue. At the request of fans, JYJ took the stage again singing ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven’ thus revealing 2 of their news songs for the first time and the 2-hour long world tour kick-off concert ended successfully with that.

At the venue on this day, about 11,000 fans from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia have come to watch  their performance. A total of 22,000 fans watched this sold-out 2-day performance.

[…some parts omitted…]

About 30 reporters from Korea and some 300 reporters from Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan, Hong Kong and about 40 foreign reporters have attended this concert, wanting to have first hand reporting about the concert.

One staff commented, “There are many other reporters who had come to Thailand to get reporting materials but it seems that this performance is the first time that attracted so many foreign reporters.” and “You’re able to tell JYJ’s popularity though this.”

[…some parts omitted…]

Translated by: inhye87 of withjyj @ wordpress

Vogue’s 10 Questions to Tohoshinki

1. What do you respect about one another?
Yunho: Regardless of what work or task it is, he faces it calmly.
Changmin: His character is optimistic and energetic, and he can adapt well to situations.

2. Living together, has there been any happy or difficult issues?

Yunho: We don’t always stay at home, sometimes we go out together too. Also, Changmin’s room is very clean, he lives in a very organized lifestyle
Changmin: There isn’t really anything in particular. But perhaps it is that to understand one another, it takes a really long time.

3. What is something you want the most right now?

Yunho: Recently my iPod broke, so I can’t listen to my music now. So I want a new one. (He probably has a new one by now.)
Changmin: Clothes.

4. When and where do you feel the most happy?

Yunho: As expected, the happiest moment is when I am on stage. That’s when I feel the most alive, and also because I can bring our music to the fans.
Changmin: 2010’s SM TOWN. For Yunho and I, that was a stage that that we were able to stand on after a long time. At that time we realized that the stage was really where we belonged.

5. During difficult times, what kind of magical words are able to encourage yourself?

Yunho: When experiencing diffuclt times, listening to these words makes me happy, “If it’s Yunho, then it definitely can be done.”
Changmin: I have to work harder for my future wife.

6. What is the most precious thing to you?

Yunho: I feel that everything I have has its own special meaning, so I can’t think of one specific thing in particular.
Changmin: 5.1 Dolby Sound System.

7. What kind of characteristics must a friend have?

Yunho: Mutual trust, and having the same beliefs.
Changmin: Mutual understanding.

8. Do you wish for your girlfriend to dress up fashionable manner?

Yunho: I would want her to wear cute clothes or a long T-shirt over jeans style, to give a tough feeling. And also wearing white suits, giving off a peaceful feel.
Changmin: It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy. As long as it suits her, anything is fine.

9. Do you have any expectations from your future partner?

Yunho: No matter what happens, I want her to trust me and to live her life positively, and someone with a kind heart.
Changmin: Because of the kind of work that I do my lifestyle is not exactly regular so I hope she can understand that.

10. In 5 years time, where would you want to be and doing what?

Yunho: I want to hold concerts not only in Asia but also go to other places, to bring our music to other fans who are supporting us. But personally I hope to be with the person I love, and be able to travel and do volunteer work with her.
Changmin: I think I’ll still be doing the work that I am doing now.

Source: vogue
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110405 Park Yoochun “Recently there are many people talking about my brother Park Yoohwan”

Member of male group JYJ Park Yoochun revealed the affection to his younger brother Park Yoohwan.

During the press conference after the concert on last April 3rd at 2011 JYJ World Tour Concert in Thailand, the first story that went out from Park Yoochun was his love to his brother Park Yoohwan.

Park Yoochun revealed, “Nowadays more and more people came to me saying ‘I’m watching Yoohwan-ssi drama”‘ he said. When there were more questions asked regarding his younger brother, he didn’t look pissed at all, instead Park Yoochun’s face seemed to brighter with smile. As Park Yoohwan is in the midst of his rookie steps as an actor, therefore to see many people give attention to his brother, Park Yoochun could feel nothing but proud.

How loving Park Yoochun is towards his brother is already a well known fact. Even Park Yoochun visited the press conference of Park Yoohwan’s first drama, MBC weekend drama ‘Shinning Shinning’ in last February to support his brother.

Moreover, Park Yoochun personally came to greet all senior actors to ask them to take care of his brother, showing his full shape of a faihful elder brother.

Park Yoohwan had also showed how important Park Yoochun was in his life. In a recent interview Park Yoohwan said, “Due to the racial discrimination among the society in United States, I spent most of my young times with my family. When my brother went to South Korea to debut, at first I was happy to own our room for myself. But after a week went by, I really missed him that I even cried. I realized how talking to him every now and then had been my strength thus once it’s gone, I just felt cold inside,”

“My elder brother’s attitude as a professional is gorgeous.” Park Yoohwan said, “My goal this year is I want to make my brother to be proud of me.”

Credit: mydaily
Trans & shared by: sharingyoochun