JYJ, First Performance of the World Tour Shows Their Musical Growth

Group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Ki Junsu) turned it loose  their first World Tour in the midst of the enthusiasms of their fans of  Asia.

They showed off their “ticket  power” by drawing 22,000 Asian fans (total 2 times) in the ‘JYJ World  Tour Concert 2011’ which was held in Impact Arena of Bangkok, Thailand,  on the 2nd and 3rd. The fans who gathered from all  over Asia including not merely Thailand but also Korea, Hong Kong and  Japan, sang, danced, and cried together with JYJ and enthusiastically  responded to (JYJ) as if they had become one with JYJ.

On the 3rd which was the second day of the Tour, the concert hall which were packed/squeezed without remaining seats from the 1st floor “standing” seats to the 3rd floor seats, rippled with the wave of red lightsticks. When the venue’s  lights went off and JYJ appeared, the seats became swept up in the roar  of the Asian female fans—“Kyaa!” The three members, who bounded onto  the stage with a lift, opened their first stage with ‘Empty.’ After  that, they continued with ‘I.D.S.’ and “Pierrot’ and others. When Kim  Junsu said hello in Thai, “Sawadi-Kab~” the audience burst into  cheering. Yoochun relayed his gladness (at seeing the fans) with the  words “you waived so long~.” Kim Jaejoong reduced the distance between  himself and the fans by singing for them the Elephang Song which he  composed in Thai (T/N: The reporter is wrong here; Jaejoong did not  compose the Elephant Song^^). This is Jaejoong’s keeping the promise he  made in the Thailand Showcase which was held last year after the release  of the World Wide Album, that he “would make a song in Thai.” (T/N: The  promise was to sing the Elephant Song in Thai, not to create a song in  Thai.)

When the members sang upbeat dance  song ‘Be My Girl,’ the atmosphere shot up towards its peak. The  audience all stood up and danced together with JYJ and the stage and the  audience became one.

After this, the stages of ‘Ayyy  Girl’ and ‘Mission’ in which one could enjoy the powerful dance and  music followed, and the atmosphere of the concert reached its peak. When  ‘Found You,’ the theme song of ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ which is a drama  in which Park Yoochun starred as the lead, the audience all stood up and  waved their arms and merged with the music. With the heart-tugging  ballad(s)composed by Junsu “Fallen Leaves” and ‘Boy’s Letter’, the  planned concert finished. (T/N: The sentence is structured so that it is  ambiguous whether ‘Boy’s Letter is also composed by Junsu). When the  audience did not leave their seats but instead chanted the name ‘JYJ,’  the members again rose to the stage and sang ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven,’  which were new songs, and decorated the great finale of the concert  which ran about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

This concert which was held in  Thailand for two days is significant, not only because it is the  beginning of JYJ’s first World Tour, but also because it showed their  musical abilities which had much grew. Kim Jaejoong took charge the  entirety of the directing of the concert and most satisfactorily  displayed his side as an artist. He not only (took care of) the stage  directing, video, and sound, but also costumes and sensitively  fine-tuned the entirety of the concert to show off a stage in which the  individuality unique to JYJ was alive. He even showed that he was  passionate enough to stay in Thailand from two weeks prior to the  concert in order to spread open a perfect stage. Furthermore, by filling  more than 80% of the repertoire with self-made songs, he without a  doubt carved into the minds of the audience the fact that JYJ is a  ‘singer-songwriter group.’

Fans paid attention to the fact  that it was a stage in which JYJ’s musical abilities could be seen. The  Korean fan Ms. Jin XX, who watched both days’ performances, said:  “Junsu’s self-composed song was very good. I liked that I could feel the  musical growth of the members from the stage.” Ms. Su Pumnya, who  resides in Bangkok, Thailand, evaluated: “I was even more drawn by the  fact that JYJ is a singer-songwriter group. It was especially meaningful  because I could hear many of their self-made songs.”

For this concert, about 300  reporters from Thailand and about 400 reporters from all over Asia such  as Japan, Singapore, Philippines, China, and Hong Kong, and competed  vigorously to cover the event.

JYJ World Tour Concert, after its stop in Taiwan on the 23rd and in Beijing, China on the 7th of May, will tour the North American e.g., the U.S. and Canada and will decorate its finale in Pusan on June 11-12.

Source: Daily Sports
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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