Interview with JYJ on the Thailand Concert and Jaejoong’s Directing

JYJ, who finished their first world tour, revealed their satisfaction: We are proud at ourselves solidifying musically”.

In a meeting with the press after the performance on the 3rd, they relayed their impressions as follows: “There are some parts which we wish had been better, but we are more satisfied (with this concert) than with any other concert. We think that we decorated a stage that was the most true to “JYJ.” Above all, we are so proud of the fact that we were able to create a full/complete concert with only our own songs.”

Q: Member Kim Jaejoong, interestingly (T/N: literally, “unusually”), participated as executive director. What prompted this?

Jaejoong: There is an advantage in that because I myself stand on the stage and sing, I can look after even detailed aspects which the staff (who do not themselves stand on the stage and perform) do not know. Because I thought that I could make the stage that is maximally the best since I understand both sides, I volunteered to direct. I feel fortunate that it seems that the members, too, are satisfied.

Q: Kim Jaeoong directed—how did the other members feel about that?

Junsu: It was really great because it was a stage on which a singer could show his capabilities 100%. Jaejoong was so enthusiastically involved in the concert—he even went to Dong Dae Moon (T/N: a large open market in Korea) to himself pick out the fabric for the stage costumes. At the thought that I could depend on the member like this, I felt thankful and reassured/confident.

Yoochun: Jaejoong paid attention to every detail one by one meticulously and so created a great stage. At first I called him “Kim Direct” (T/N: Yoochun teased him) but later I naturally called him “Director-nim.” He did that well.

Q: Are there any “episodes”?

Yoochun: Because Jaejoong was so absorbed in the directing, he forgot for a bit his duties as a singer. Even during the concert, you are supposed to look at the Q-Seat and change clothes, but he kept paying attention to the directing and only looking at the monitors. He even forgot to change his outfit.”

Q: This World Tour is also the last promotion for the World Wide Album. Point out its meaning.

Jaejoong: Before, it was sufficient that one puts the spoon on top of a set table (T/N: a Korean proverb which describes a situation in which one needs to do nothing because everything has been prepared for him). Because this time I had to take care of everything, I thought I would go insane, it was so difficult. However, I think that with such process we improve ourselves.

Junsu: I am so proud of the fact that we can put on a concert with only our own songs. But at the World Wide Album, I have a few regrets about it. It is an album in which well-known producers such as Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins participated, and it was #5 of the “Albums of this Year” that Billboard picked last year. But because there had been no opportunities to show the songs in Korea, the good songs did not become known. I feel that there are many mountains yet to be climbed. But I feel that through these things, the members become more solid– musically, and as individuals. Also, my thankful heart for the members becomes even stronger.”

Source: Daily Sports
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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