Because of JYJ, 300 Fans Sleep on the Streets


–          In the JYJ Concert,  Thailand’s celebrities revealed themselves. Singer / VJ ‘JA,’ who is the  most popular (such person) in Thailand, enjoyed the concert. Also, the  daughter of current prime minister Abhisi, Maprang, also participated,  saying that she is a die-hard fan.

–          When JYJ drew more than  20,000 people for the concert, the affiliates of the concert in  Thailand also expressed their surprise. The Thailand concert affiliate  evaluated: “Because last month a Korean TV station had held a Korean  Wave concert by bringing in all at once many singers, we worried that  perhaps that would affect the JYJ concert. But because both days sold  out, we were very shocked. It was the best in terms of drawing the  audience among all the concerts held by Korean artists in Thailand this  year.”

–          …The fan’s passion in  order to see JYJ as near to them as possible were enough to induce tears  (to the obsever). The die-hard fans who watched the two days of  performances did not refuse even sleeping on the streets in order to  acquire good seats for the performance on the 3rd. After the performance on the 2nd was over, many hundreds of fans spread mats around the concert hall and passed the night awake.

**T/N: This article, along with the other two that we just translated were posted a few  minutes ago on the respective websites of the Korean newspapers.  HOWEVER, now all 3 have disappeared from the web. According to a fan who  has called the newspaper to ask why this is so, there seems to be an  innocuous explanation– it is to hold off until the articles go off to  the “print” media tomorrow morning. The newspaper said that tomorrow  there will be many articles about the JYJ Concert.

Source: JoinsMSN
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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