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JYJ had the first stop of their World Tour Concert in Bangkok last night and based on the pictures and fancams I saw, I think it was a very successful concert. The boys were amazing as usual and I’d have to commend JaeJoong for doing a great job at directing the concert.

JYJ also unveiled four new songs during last night’s concert. The four songs are as follows: You’re, Get Out, Boy’s letter and In Heaven. As always, the songs are greatly written and the boys did an amazing job in performing the songs. Out of all the four, my most favorite is In Heaven because the harmonization of the trio in this song is just incredible. The power of their voices is just so evident and I got chills while watching the fancams of the performance of this song. I can’t wait for all these new songs to be released! I’m so proud of JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu for always improving themselves and offering us, the fans, the best songs and performances that we could ever ask for.

Listen to the audio of the four new songs and be mesmerized by JYJ’s voices and be awed by their brilliance once again. :)

In Heaven

Get Out

Boy’s Letter


Credit: prainyjae@youtube

You can watch fancams of the concert in Bangkok in the following Youtube channels: