JaeJoong’s directorial aura can be compared to a professional

Posted: March 24, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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JYJ Kim Jaejoong, Directorial Aura That of a Professional: “Right now, Stage directing”

Male group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong showed off his aura as a director that compares well to that of a professional.

Recently, in community forums online, Pictures of Kim Jaejoong directing the Thailand performance stage-to-be of the JYJ World Tour has been displayed and is gathering attention.

In the pictures, Kim Jaejoong, who is wearing comfortable clothes of jeans and a white t-shirt, is meticulously checking the placements of the lightings and the lines of movement of the stage.

The netizens who were exposed to the pictures positively responded, with comments such as “Director Kim Jaejoong is also very impressive,” and “Even images of him directing is a photo spread. Is this a scene from a movie?”

Meanwhile, JYJ will hold the ‘JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011’ in five countries in Asia and five cities in North America, which will begin over two days on the coming April 2nd and 3rd in Bangkok, Thailand’s Impact Arena.

Source: TV Daily
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. younadesu says:

    the guys will be really busy soon.but still wondering why jj is alone in thailand?

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