110323 JYJ Twitter Update

Posted: March 24, 2011 in JYJ
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110323 MASTER POST – JYJ Twitter Update

This post will be updated throughout the day with tweets by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu ^^
A time will be added with each tweet as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations
This post includes tweets from 6am KST, March 23rd to 5:59am KST, March 24th.

Jaejoong misses his friends in Japan
(Jaejoong) I want to meet everyone, take care of your health! http://yfrog.com/h2wgnxvj (6.46pm KST)

Such wise words from such a wise man♥
(Jaejoong) Thank you for overcoming everything and protecting us and loving us, regardless of the feelings of uncertainty from waiting and amidst the unstable fear surrounding us. And I feel thankful once more that there is a sky that protects all the stars who love us. And I admire you all. (10:45pm KST)

Jaejoong’s friends – Be very afraid. You never know what strange name he’ll give you.
(Yuusuke) @mjjeje Well、I want to gather up with everyone again soon(^^) Jung, take care of your health too! (7.02pm KST) (T/N: Jung = Jejung if you haven’t figured that out :D)
(Jaejoong) @yusuke_0414 I’ve been so worried for everyone, that I keep thinking about it before I sleep. You really have to take care! (7.16pm KST)
(Yuusuke) @mjjeje Thank you! Everyone is doing the best they can to be prepared! So it will be okay (^ー^)ノ (7.23pm KST)
(Mimily) @yusuke_0414 @mjjeje I’m back~! Is Yu Yu still in Kansai? (9.51pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @mimily19931222 @yusuke_0414 Uhm~ Which Yu Yu is this Yu Yu? (9.53pm KST) (T/N: Jaejoong calls Yu Shirota “Yu Yu” as well)
(Yuusuke) @mjjeje Mimily calls me Yu Yu. Recently it’s decided that I will be Yuu Yuu and Yu (Shirota) is Yu Yu? (Laughs) (9.57pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @yusuke_0414 What~ That’s so difficult (Laughs) Then, Yu (Shirota) will be Shiro Shiro! Yuusuke is Suke Suke…. (10.01pm KST)
(Yuusuke) @mjjeje Suke Suke (Laughs) Somehow the sound of it is gross (Laughs) Okay~ I’m Suke Suke (^^) (10.05pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @yusuke_0414 It seems that Suke Suke is not possible… There’s no other way… Let’s use Yuu Yuu..and too bad but Yu (Shirota) is Shiro Shiro then! (10.08pm KST)
(Mimily) @yusuke_0414 @mjjeje You big brothers’ conversation is a mess, but (Laughs) Suke Suke is (Laughs) It’s truly Jung Jung and Yu Yu~! (10.23pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @mimily19931222 @yusuke_0414 Sorry…..(Laughs) (10.30pm KST)

..I wanna meet up too!
(Naoya) @mjjeje I want to meet up too.(8.04pm KST)
(Fukutaro) @UN1982 @mjjeje NAOYA didn’t come, so he wasn’t in the picture (^^) I was there but I was asleep (Laughs) (8.06pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @UN1982 I want to meet up (8.08pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @fuku0501 It was fun ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (8.08pm KST)

@mjjeje I want to meet. Many people are waiting for Jejung! (9.11pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @U_and_YOU Hey is your drama going well? (9.52pm KST)

Source: [Jaejoong’s + Others’ Twitter]
Translation Credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net + ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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  1. younadesu says:

    it’s so twisted.the names he gives are funny.lol i dont want to have a funny nickname.luv him!

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