Staff account: JaeJoong’s first day in Thailand

Posted: March 23, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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Sawasdee JYJ : 110320 Director Kim with First day in Thailand

Yesterday, Jaejoong arrived Suvarnbhumi Airport around 2 pm. When he walked out from plane, all staff and the airport said that they were shocked because JJ looked like fluorescent!! (Because of his white skin >.<). While he was walking along at the airport he always smiled and waved his hand to fans. He had really good mood and very very happy ^0^

After he went out from the Airport, he went to the hotel straightly. When he arrived hotel, he drunk M150 (Energy drinking that he’s really like since last 2 yrs when he came to bkk for ‘O’ concert) and then have a big LUNCH at hotel. He ate khao-pad-ka-prao with fried egg , Pad-Tai and Watermelon-frappe. (Staff said he’s really enjoy eating!! XD)

Watermelon Frappe


Khao-pad-ka-prao with fried egg

Moreover, he also listened Thai-elephant Song and practiced a lot in his room. He turned on this song too loud !!! Staff said looked like he’s really concentrated at practicing Chang Song. (Can’t wait to hear JJ sing this song >o< )

In the evening, it’s time for dinner and he had a big big meal again XD. I heard that he ate a lot of Thai food such as Tom-Yum-Kung, Miang-Kam, and Thai dessert like Mango with sticky rice, Bua-loy-kai-waan, and Tab-tim-krob with coconut milk!! >< .. he was really enjoy eating again. Staff said that JJ like Thai-food very much. He wanna tasted all Thai food that he can eat ^0^. After dinner he came back at hotel and it’s time to took a rest and earn more energy for next day!!!!



Mango with sticky rice


Tab-tim-krob with coconut milk

Credit Food-Pic : As tag
Credit : @Nooygirly & JYJ Guardian Team
Shared by: JYJ3

  1. younadesu says:

    sexy gosht i’m glad he eats again.that food looks yummy.

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