Yoochun confirmed as cast for one of the main characters in traditional melodrama “Ripley”

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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Yuchun confirmed as cast for one of the main characters in traditional melodrama “Ripley”

The actors Kim Seung Woo, Park Yoochun, Kang Hye Jeong, and Lee Da Hae formed the “Ripley Line.”

They have confirmed to appear in the new MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Ripley” (working title; writing Kim Sun Young, directing Choi Yi Seob) which will first air in coming May.

Ripley’s storyline is: A lie accidentally made by a woman bears yet another lies, and as a result the woman falls into the pit of lies, and in the end faces the risk of losing everything (and have everything disappear into naught) due to the lies. Also, it is an authentic melodrama in which two men who comes to love this woman of greed and desires struggle and reconcile between love and destruction.

Kim Seung Woo was casted as the hotel manager Zhang Myung Hoon with cool sensibilities who was born in a poor family and has lived recklessly with becoming the #1 as his goal. Zhang Myung Hoon is a man who faces the risk of having everything that he’s worked hard for to become #1 crumble as he comes to love Zhang Miri. He plays the role of a hotel manager for the first time in 10 years after the 2001 drama Hotelier.

Park Yoochun of group JYJ is generating high expectations by having been chosen as the son of the CEO of a famous Japanese resort agency, Yukata. In the drama, Yukata comes to know true love through Zhang Miri but also is of the tragic fate of having to become subjected to the risks of total destruction due to her. It looks that “Yoochun-Illness” which was set afire by the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will be re-ignited through Yoochun who will reveal himself as a true man.

Kang Hye Jeong steps forward as the kindhearted and innocent sister of Zhang Miri from an orphanage, Nha Hee Joo. In the drama, Nha Hee Joo comes to know her older sister’s corruption and fraud and in attempting to bring this to light falls into danger in the end by Zhang Miri. She comes back to the Television Screen 4 years after the 2007 KBS 2TV drama “I came to find the flowers.”

Lee Da Hae comes back to the Television Screen after appearing in the KBS 2TV’s “Chuno” in 2010, 1 year and 3 months ago. In the drama she will play Zhang Miri who, due to one lie, falls into a fatal (bottomless) pit and will show off her charms as a femme fatale.

The production company Curtaincall Media said: “The (most) powerful lineup of Kim-Seung Woo, Lee Da Hae, Park Yoochun, and Kang Hye Jeong is heightening the expectations of the drama’s degree of completion. Ripley will unite in one a solid and well-put-together screenplay, and sensitive and fashionable directing. A new (kind of) product which has not been seen before will be born.”

Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1103210190
Trans by: JYJ3


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