Veteran musical actress Shin YeongSuk’s story of becoming “Xiah Bba”

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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110318  Veteran Musical Actress Shin YeongSuk Story of becoming “Xiah Bba”

[T/N: Bba is a term used like die-hard fans. Eg JYJ-Bba (die hard JYJ fans)]

Veteran musical actress Shin YeongSuk, highly praised Kim Junsu who  performs in composition musical <Tears of Heaven>.

On 12 March, Shin YeongSuk took part  at the fan meeting that was held at Seoul Jamsil Stadium said, “In one words, Junsu is a genius.” And added on that after last year’s musica <Mozart!., she became a die-hard Junsu’s fan. She expressed her infinite love towards Kim Junsu who had once again become a musical actor.

[Ommited part about Musical Mozart]

On the day of fan meeting, Shin YeongSuk greatly gave her high appraisal of Junsu, saying “Junsu is someone who has a real sense of sensitivity of which cannot simply not everyone has.” and “And that is the ability to move people’s heart. But it’s not everyone who’s has this kind of ability.”

She also chose Kim Junsu as her ideal man and added that, “There will be an encore for <Mozart!> soon. I will be performing so I hope that Junsu can perform too.”

[some parts omitted]

Kim Junsu received praises from his fellow members. Kim JaeJoong said, “He’s better than when he was during <Mozart!>. Ad-lib was reaaly good. And he might be able to become a big musical actor in the musical field.” Park YuChun on the other hand commented, “The more he performs, the more he was able to show people what he’s made of.” He even gave a thumbs up while commenting.

Translation credits: @Inhye87


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