Survival game instructor: “I became a fan of JaeJoong on our first meeting.”

Posted: March 20, 2011 in JYJ, Kim Jaejoong
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110318 Survival Game Instructor: “I became a fan of JaeJoong on our first meeting.”

The meeting was an expected one – due to the filming for “Real24″, there was a section about Hero JaeJoong and his friends’ (T/N: could be referring to YooChun and JunSu) traveling stories.

Right now, I should be saying “JYJ’s Hero JaeJoong” instead of “TVXQ’s Hero JaeJoong” right?

Even though it was indeed distressing to be saying this, but what’s there to do…

On our first meeting, he greeted me with a broad smile in a polite manner, settled the overwhelming requests for his autograph and faced a number of fans who wanted to take a photo with him. Despite that, he did not revealed an ounce of unhappiness. That cordial appearance showed no signs of a male artiste who had been enjoying success from a young age; Hero JaeJoong was always giving fan-service earnestly.

TeamW met Hero JaeJoong and his friends when it was time for the survival games and ATV leisure activities section.

The activities included a few survival games and to ride an ATV above the icy ground. There was a warm-up game which was, of course, Chicken Fight. Hero JaeJoong also came in first for the survival games.

He mentioned that he does not exercise as often as much nowadays, however, in the eyes of the instructor, Hero JaeJoong’s motor neurons were much more outstanding than the average adult his age.

TeamW also felt that it was a significant day when they witnessed Hero JaeJoong and his friends enjoying themselves.

I heard that the travelling stories of Hero JaeJoong and his friends were to be broadcast by a certain station, but the release date kept being delayed, and in the end I heard the broadcast rights were given to another station. I was curious about the reason behind it so I went to ask, but it turned out to be hearsay. Whoever is speaking the truth or telling a lie, that strength and motivation that most people don’t see appears at times, and then disappears.

Putting aside all the defense about the truth, for a group of young, passionate and determined young adults, to have their dreams disrupted due to some unknown intent, I can only say that such a situation is a regret.

I wasn’t a TVXQ’s fan from the start. Till, I saw Hero JaeJoong – laughing with his friends, smiling to his fans who were cheering for him, exercising to his heart’s content and working hard. I saw this kind of person.
Due to this meeting, whether it was me myself or TeamW, we all became a fan of JaeJoong.

We hope that Hero JaeJoong, JYJ and TVXQ will have a happy ending.

source: Korean’s Blog luvluvhk, HEY!JJ
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credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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  1. younadesu says:

    we all want like it will have a happy ending but who knows?this is why i luv jae.not for his beauty but for his soul!

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