JYJ’s Heartbeating White Day Date With Over 7,000 Fans

Posted: March 19, 2011 in JYJ
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110316 JYJ’s Heartbeating White Day Date With Over 7,000 Fans

All three members are unique; they were special!

The group JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) were different. On the 12th, JYJ held a fanmeeting at Jamsil stadium where more than 7,000 fans gathered and spent three hours together. This fan meeting, which was created for the sake of exchanging laughter and emotions with the fans, JYJ also spent more than 100 million won from their own expenses.

JYJ began their fan meeting with words of the unfortunate earthquake that has occurred in north eastern Japan, and ended by singing with their encore with a song they released recently. As the fan meeting was coming to an end, Kim Junsu also showed his tears to the fans cheers.

We are one!

Their looks are different and so are their voices. But when these three sing together they are able to create heavenly harmonies. However, it wasn’t just the three of them. Matching the words of JYJ with hand motions, all the fans there (exceeding 7,000) became one.

During the fan meeting, JYJ also called their manager on stage and spent a harmonious time together. From their relentless schedule to their every meal, the manger bears these responsibilities of the celebrity, so being able to see this unreserved relationship caused the fans to clap ceaselessly.

Imitate us!

While Park Yoochun was singing, he raised two fingers to his head as if to ask for their applause, immediately all the fans began to cheer. Not wanting to lose to this, Kim Jaejoong raised his right hand up high to which the fans immediately stood up from their chairs and began to chant JYJ. To this Kim Junsu also retaliated with his nimble feet.

It really truly is so!

When they are singing or dancing, these three are more concentrated than anyone else. But when they are playing and having fun with games, they really are mischievous boys.

What’s the brothers’ secrets?

The suprising guest on this day was Park Yoochun’s brother Park Yoohwan. Park Yoohwan, who is acting in the MBC drama “Sparkling Sparkling”, exposed various secrets of his brother causing Park Yoochun to become flustered.

We love you!

All the fans that had gathered for 3 hours cried and laughed with JYJ. Waving placards that said things such as, “Jaejoong believe in us!”, “Park Yoochun thank you for coming to see us!” and “Our star of Asia- Kim Junsu!”, the fans were able to speak words from their hearts.

credit: mldyhrmny
trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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