JYJ gives 600 million KRW (600,000 USD) for the restoration of Japan earthquake damages

Posted: March 17, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ Gives 600 million KRW (600,000 USD) for Restoration of Japan Earthquake Damages

During the World Tour, Will Hold Support Campaign through SNS (Facebook)

Group JYJ is donating 600 million KRW (approximately 600,000 USD), which is the full amount of the goal for emergency relief donations by World Vision for areas which suffered the most serious harms due to Japan’s Earthquake.

According to their agency on the 16th, JYJ’s donation will provide emergency relief articles/items to Sendai and Fukushima, and are to be used for the city’s reconstruction restoration and a shelter program for children.

JYJ will not stop with this current donation but rather dedicate themselves to long-term aid. They will actively lead the effort to build awareness of the seriousness of the damages from Japan’s earthquake through their 9-city World Tour that begins in Bangkok on the coming April 2nd.

Furthermore, JYJ plan to continuously send their messages of support through the World Vision Japan Homepage. Also, JYJ will unfold through their World Tour SNS website (www.facebook.com/jyjworldtour2011) (T/N: that address does not work yet, perhaps it is www.facebook.com/jyjworldtourconcert), which is operated in conjunction with their official website for the duration of the tour, a campaign for “Take Heart, Japan” comments/replies and a donation program with World Vision with fans all over the world.

Not only that, for the Korean performance which is the finale of the World Tour, JYJ will add meaning by inviting volunteers (of Japan relief).

JYJ said: “To be honest, we hesitated in letting others know of our donation because of the burdens doing so brings. But we believe that our actions can serve as an impetus for getting many more others to join the effort. We hope that our donation will be used practically for helping the areas that are the most harmed by the earthquake. We hope that everyone in Japan, including those of Korean descent, will be restored of calm as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the JYJ World Wide Tour SNS website (www.facebook.com/jyjworldtour2011) (T/N: again, the address may be here– www.facebook.com/jyjworldtourconcert), which is preparing the campaign, has had 50,000 fans from Asia, Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world, visit since it’s opening a week ago.

Source: Nate
Credit: JYJ3

  1. Aisha says:

    T.T It makes me cry; that’s so sweet of them. I wish I had the money to help.

  2. younadesu says:

    it’s so nice of them to help.too bad i cant do anything just to pray for everyone everyday.

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