JYJ sheds tears during their fanmeeting with 7000 fans

Posted: March 14, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ sheds tears during their fanmeeting with 7000 fans (+ info on potential DVD release)

Group JYJ held their first fan meeting with 7000 fans with great success.

JYJ met fans for the first time in 4 months since their concert last November on March 12th at Seoul Jamshil Indoor Stadium.

The three hour fanmeet was hosted by comedian Kim BumYoung. During the fanmeet, JYJ sang a total of 7 songs including “Empty” and “Be My Girl” from their worldwide album “The Beginning,” SGK Scandal’s “Found You,” and “Nine” and “Mission” from their Music Essay.

The fanmeeting was broken into two parts, including a 20 minute intermission. During a talk about their activities since JYJ’s first showcase last October, Junsu commented, “I was worried that I might not make it to today’s fanmeet, but I’m glad that the event was held without problems. Japan’s current situation is serious. JYJ hopes for safety of our fans in Japan.”

During the “Invitation of JYJ’s Guests” corner during the second part of the fanmeet, musical actress Shin YoungSook, group Cool’s Kim Sungsu, and Park Yuchun’s younger brother and rookie actor Park Yuhwan showed up on stage.

Kim Sungsu praised Jaejoong, saying “I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with Jaejoong, but he is a friend with a pure soul.” When Park Yuhwan was asked which JYJ member he wanted to be like, he created laughter by answering “Jaejoong” and not his older brother.

Furthermore, during “Ideal Fan Worldcup,” JYJ picked “I’m a fan who simply trusts and waits” as their number one ideal fan. JYJ showed their thankfulness by stating, “I hope our fans will always trust us and wait for us, and we will repay you by trying even harder.”

During their opening song for part two, a large balloon popped showering happy fans with marshmallows, and as the fans left, candies were left at each exit for the fans to take. JYJ sang “Fallen Leaves” for their encore. And in the end, fans and JYJ shed tears together.

JYJ, after finishing the fan meeting, said: “We were sad that the 3 hours flew by. We were so thankful to the fans and it was a happy occasion that we will not forget. We derived great strength (from the event). It would be nice to make these kinds of opportunities often.”

C-Jes’s director Paek Changju said: “Due to those people who were concerned and put forth the effort, Kim Junsu was able to land in Korea safely to keep the promise of meeting his fans.” He also said “We wish that this fan meeting will remain an unforgettable memory from White Day. We plan to produce a DVD soon in order to provide yet another benefit to the members of the C-Jes Membership.”


Contrary to what this article has stated, C-Jes is examining the potential release of a DVD favorably (from phone call made by @Spring_Breezes to C-Jes). Therefore, the DVD release has not yet been confirmed. However, because cameras were present during the fanmeet, it seems likely that C-Jes will release a video of some sorts from the White Day Fanmeeting. However, it is unclear whether the video/dvd will be available for all fans or only fans with C-Jes membership.

Source: Osen; Newsen
Translation Credit: withJYJ (1st half), JYJ3 (2nd half)
Shared by: yeezer@soompi


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