C-Jes announces DVD release for members of C-Jes membership

Posted: March 14, 2011 in JYJ
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C-JeS Announces DVD Release, but Only to Members of C-Jes Membership

C-Jes released an announcement that confirmed that (1) DVD will be released, but to the C-Jes Members only, and (2) Special Videos will be first made public at the C-Jes Membership website.

The announcement and translation follows:

On Announcement Regarding JYJ Fan Meeting DVD


We thank you fans who attended the first fan meeting of C-Jes Membership, JYJ’s Sweet Date.

The video of the fan meeting will be produced as a DVD and will be released to the Members at a shocking price.

Special Videos made at the Fan Meeting also will be, in turn, be made public first by the Membership Page.

Therefore we had announced that we disallow taking of pictures and videos, and we had also guided you to the maximal extent not to do so.

Because this event was different from other performances in that it was an event only for the Members, we ask (other) fans to kindly understand.

Also, on points which were lacking or caused inconvenience, please email us at the following and we will apply them to improve the next event. E-mail: webmaster@c-jes.com

Lastly, we inform you on the memorabilia that will be given to the Members of the C-JeS Membership. Currently, the Membership Card has been produced but we are preparing (still) in order to replace the picture in the memorabilia that will be give (to Members) at the same time.

We will do our best to mail the memorabilia out to you (the Members) as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Source: c-jes
Credits: jyj3.wordpress.com


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