Among experts, Junsu sweeps all categories in musicals by idols

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Among Experts, Junsu Sweeps All Categories in Musicals by Idols

Junsu ranked #1 in all categories in the rankings by experts on the idol stars who enter the musical industry, which is unsurprising. =)

Musical  I(dol): String Ticket Power but Acting Abilities are…

(Over 20 idols have ventured into the musical industry but the traditional industry is critical because it feels that “those idols with unconfirmed acting abilities sweep all the (notable) roles.”)

Kukmin Ilbo held a survey from the 28th of last month to the past 13th with eleven critics and producers of musicals to evaluate the abilities of these “musical-(i)dols.”


Kim Junsu, who took #1 in all categories, received particularly good marks on marketability and singing ability. CK Culture Industry University Professor Jin Jeong Hoon judged that “Kim Junsu has already demonstrated through ‘Mozart’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’ that he is a star in the musical industry.” But he also pointed out that “his vocal range has limits so the traditional works will be difficult for him” and that “his vocalization is peculiar and he lacks (a bit) the ability to get across his lines.”

On Kim Junsu’s acting, Yoon HoJin of DK University said: “While still a bit short on some parts, his ability to instinctively command the stage stands out.”


On (picking) the idol who showed the potential to grow into the next musical star, Kim Junsu received the support of six. Whang Yong Bum of Seoul Total Arts Institute said “it looks that he will be loved by the public, as you can see in the sell-outs of ‘Mozart’ and ‘Tears of Heaven.’ But he has the mandate to select good works in the future.”


Source: Kukinews
Credits: jyj3@wordpress


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