JaeJoong Day: JaeJoong’s love for fans and children

Posted: March 12, 2011 in JYJ
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Read other translations here and here. Jaejoong Day Interview with Family Part 03 – JJ’s Love for Fans and Children

Jaejoong’s special love for his fans is famous.

Older sister:

The accessories, clothes, shoes and things like that which the fans buy for him,

Jaejoong even reads very carefully the letters that come with them.

Nowadays, so many letters come to Jaejoong and he (can) read them only occasionally, but

Every single page he dearly cherishes (alternatively, “he would not let even a single page go by”).

Recently, on Jaejoong’s birthday, so many presents came in. Ten-something large sacks, boxes from here and there, those from Jamshil (stadium)…

The presents filled up a living room.

It’s a bit (of a job) to do it by oneself and so he called his sisters (presumably, including the speaking sister) to come, and there were so many letters. It was quite difficult, to open every single one of them.

We asked Jaejoong: Where do we put the letters?

“There is a box (in the room) behind the living room, and so put each and every one inside the box neatly (alternatively, “one by one”).

Jaejoong keeps and cherishes each and every present that a fan gives him. Please trust (me/him) on this.


Do you really want a grandson first? (T/N: See the recent MBN interview with Junsu’s comments)

* picture of Jaejoong’s niece comes on screen *


This is our Hyunah. Jaejoong… he just really adores Hyunah. (So I said to him,)

– Your sister had a baby and she is so cute/pretty… if you marry and have one, she will be even cuter/prettier.

“Mom, I’ll probably have to get married late?” he said.

– Okay. Then you can marry late, but (in exchange) bring me a grandson early. I’ll raise him for you *whisper*, I said, and

“Mom~~~!!” he went.

– Ah…. It’s fine! Just have a grandson and bring him (*whisper*), I said, and

Huhuhu (T/N: laughter), it looks like they said this on television!!!!


But it’s that I wanted to hold my grandson while I’m alive, and so that’s why I told Jaejoong such a thing.


That is, the grandson from the son is special/different (from the grandson from one’s daughter).


Whenever something happens, “(just think about it).

Even if one really loved his grandson from his daughters, *inaudible* you still have to cross a branch and it’s still the second-removed branch. (T/N: In traditional Korea, the family tree/lineage is counted so that the descendents from the son’s side is the direct descendents of the parents. In other words, children from one’s daughters are direct descendents of her husband’s parents and are once-removed from the daughter’s parents.)

So even if you don’t marry, yes? If you can bring us a son, mom and dad will raise him for you… and so that’s where the above story comes from.


Jaejoong carries his nephews and nieces on his back, hangs them from his neck… he loves them all. He adores his nephews and nieces and he loves children.

Ah~~ (as for a niece), she’s a fan of her uncle (Jaejoong). Just how much she loves her uncle, indeed!

Ah… aigoo… the uncle… usually in the regular cases, you wouldn’t have (such a doting niece).

She follows him from here, and from there, she just goes to him because she wants to be close to him (T/N: the niece adores Jaejoong)

Sometimes even I get embarrassed. But because the uncle loves the niece too…

So when I look at that, that is why I’m reminded of a grandson from Jaejoong.


After this airs, there will be a line of people who say they’ll have a son for Jaejoong—what to do?

Older Sister:

When we see (a family with) many sisters, we think about whether… that (there is a popular idea that if one marries into such a family) the bride will have a hard time from the sisters-in-laws… and so is that why Jaejoong can’t seem to get married… so we’re wondering about it… that… that’s not the case, right?


So Jaejoong decorated his house well too.

Older Sister:

I told you this before, but I’ve never seen even a speck of dust in his house. He’s tidy to that degree.

And (props like) chocolates and such, oh how he arranges them so prettily, he put the long chocolate box and its contents on a sofa. I thought it was good for eating and so I was about to eat it, and

“Nuna!! (T/N: the colloquial way to address one’s older sister) It’s a concept.”

So I couldn’t eat them.

So this time more chocolates came in. I snuck two of them home with me.

Jaejoong had so meticulously arranged each one of them as decoration.

Even for liquor—when you just glance at it, you’d think “oh someone drank it” because

The liquor (bottle) and the glass were placed together. (So I wondered) can I drink this, since I enjoy drinking? And (Jaejoong says) that’s a concept too.


So we hear that you spent the new years together.


So Jaejoong and his mom made vegetable pancakes together and were together (for other things, presumably other cooking for the holidays). Made pancakes, and Jaejoong was so happy when he came. He~~ oh geez, we drink together. He drinks with his mom—when he comes over, he always has a glass with his mom. “Hey there, dear son, let’s have a glass,” I say, and (he goes) “Sounds good~”

So with his dad too and all his sisters too, he shares a glass,

Shares jokes, tells of stories of how his life has been.

Our son?

It’s a parent’s heart that wants to see their son always. But when we want to see him, I call, and when he is busy, I text him. Then he without fail texts back.

Older Sister:

And what Jaejoong likes the absolute best is… with his sisters, even with his sisters who he hasn’t seen in a while,

“Hello Jaejoong” (“cool” or flippant speech)… Jaejoong doesn’t like that.

“Jaeeeeeejoong-ah~~~” (while hugging him)—he likes that. He likes to be hugged.

So took an exam the other day, and the day before,

From the eldest sister everyone gathered… and we talked about (T/N: literally, “asked”)

What kind of a hug is the most comfortable?

The eldest sister hugged like this (*arms around the neck*)… we all hugged like this,

Except the 7th sister, she hugged like this (*arms around the waist*).

Saying Jaejoong likes this the best, talking about that.

Jaejoong really loves being hugged.


Around his birthday… so his sixth sister is a good cook, she cooks very well both Korean and Western dishes.

And so she went to the market, to feed his brother,

And prepared a feast, and

Aw… really, he should eat!

(Jaejoong wouldn’t eat,) saying that he has a shoot the next morning.


What kind of a shoot… *inaudible*


So the family is eating (without Jaejoong), and oh, just our hearts went out to him,

For a while we kept telling him to eat, but he just took two bites and wouldn’t eat.

I mean, how much would he have liked to have eaten? He’s young, and they like to eat.

And when Jaejoong suppresses that and doesn’t eat… on those occasions, we feel sorry (for him).


When did you feel your heart going out to him (T/N: literally, “feel the most pity for him”)?

When he couldn’t eat very much and was sick, when I can’t be next to him, that is when I feel the most sorry.

That time when Jaejoong hurt his leg and was like that, in the hospital,

Even then, his body (like that), we the parents couldn’t even help him eat, and he had to stay at the company.

At that time too, we really felt that (the company) was coldhearted…

Imagine if when he had hurt his leg, that they had given him a couple days off and told him to go home and rest for a couple days—how nice would that have been.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Jaejoong’s Mother, Father, and Sisters– for raising such a beautiful and kindhearted son!

Source: and its YouTube Channel
Transcription Credit: 김떡뽁 of DC TVXQ Gallery
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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