TVXQ’s new song ‘Before U Go’ to be revealed on the 14th

Posted: March 11, 2011 in DBSK in Korea, Max Changmin, U-Know Yunho
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TVXQ’s New Song ‘Before U Go’ to be revealed on the 14th

As reported earlier, TVXQ will be releasing their repackaged album with the follow up title song “Before U Go”. This song will be release digitally on various korean music sites on March 14th.

SM Entertainment expressed that, “Before U Go” is a traditional R&B song. This song is composed according to Yunho and Changmin’s vocal feature, it strengthen the focus point of their voices. The lyrics is about a man who choose to leave because his love for her and wish her to be happy, only the man who in true love will experience this feeling. The lyrics and song will express a sorrow feeling.

On the other hand, the repackaged album will be release on the 16th with the title song, “Before U Go” and another track, “Before U Go(Monologue)”. The album contain total 14 tracks and is produced as a special package with acrylic case. It also included 54 photocards, make it more value for fan collection.

In particular, on March 11th at 12pm KST (noon time) “Before U Go” teaser will be release on SM’s Official Youtube channel and TVXQ’s official homepage.

Source: Kukinews + 东方神起 音悦台饭团
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  1. younadesu says:

    another album already?i can hardly wait to hear it.the guys are really make money for sm.*cough*

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